Monday, April 07, 2008

Time to stay in bed.

Last Thursday, I ended up taking my youngest two kids for a bike ride. The youngest followed me in the trailer while my daughter rode her Dora the Explorer bike, complete with training wheels. I realized as she temporarily forgot how to turn that I had neglected to discuss with her, how to brake. Usually she's not going fast enough to worry about that.

As her bike went over the edge of the river bank, I dropped mine and ran. I reached the edge in time to see that she had held on the whole way down, and only when her front wheel hit the mud did she fall off and proceed to do a gnarly face plant into the same mud. I reached her less than a second later and pulled her out. She was fine, although very shaken, and proceeded to howl the whole way back to the car.

Friday I was planning on a good long swim. The lap swimming ends at noon. I was done with work at 10. It took me till almost 11 to find the keys which the kids hid for me. I then drove 15 minutes to the pool only to discover that I had left my pass at home. At this point I figured that if I attempted to convince the pool staff to let me in, or paid the daily fee, that I would likely drown. I then skipped my bike ride to avoid any possible road rash or other accident.

Saturday I took the day off exercising. I did however end up in the dog house with the wife. I had no idea why, but I have learned that in situations like this, asking only makes things worse, coz apparently that just shows that not only did you do x, but you are also so clueless and insensitive to know that x was a problem or to realize that she didn't appreciate it.

Sunday I decided to go for a long run. The goal was 14 miles. I stopped at 7 to get some my GU gel, and have a gatorade. As I started running again, my left knee started to really hurt. So much so that after 3 strides I wanted to cry. I walked then tried it again. I ended up just going home, cancelling the long ride on the bike again, and hobbling around the house the rest of the day.

I don't want to go and see the doctor. I'm pretty sure he's going to tell me to stop running for a while at least. It's not like I can run in this state anyway, but I really want to do the Kanab triathlon in 2 weeks time.


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