Monday, March 24, 2008

Hey Politicians!

On YouTube there is a video of Green Day singing Holiday live from the United Kingdom. Billie Joe Armstrong begins by describing this song as a big F**k you to all the politicians. He then states that this song in not Anti-American, it's Anti-War. I would like to echo those thoughts at the beginning of this posting. I love this country, I love the constitution and all the principles upon which this nation was founded. I have tremendous respect for the military and the loyalty and sense of duty that these men and woman show, but...

Over the weekend, the death toll amongst US Military personnel in Iraq, passed the 4,000 mark. That is 4,000 lives which have ended to fight this war. In addition (and I could be wrong here...) the number of military personnel injured is well over 130,000. I would suspect that would only include those that have sustained significant life altering injuries.

On the other side, the casualties are up in the hundreds of thousands.

Forget that this war has cost over half a trillion dollars to date, which in and of itself is a great travesty, especially when the US is headed into a recession. The loss of sacred human life is inexcusable.

The stubbornness of certain leaders who stand up in front of the world and talk about the necessity of this war and how we must stay the course just pisses me off no end. The blood of many, many innocent lives is on the hands of that man, and everyone who has profited off this tragedy in human history. And yes, many have profited. This is a war which has benefited the perpetrators of it significantly.

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