Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Weekend Report...

Twas a good weekend thats for sure. The highlight of which was that a huge regional meeting was planned for Church on Sunday, and the prospect of sitting in a hot room with 4 whiny kids, while some guy drones on about keeping the rules and how God will smite me if I don't just didn't seem appealing to me - Can't think why... Anyway, so we took a break.

Saturday I woke up early and went to watch a buddy of mine do a duathlon. It was out on Antelope Island, and I think I may have gotten bit by something during the race because my head is covered in little itchy bumps. Anyway, he did OK in the race, especially since it was his first time attempting a longer distance. He's posted a full report on his blog, and I think he's even added a link to some photos too.... It's here.

Sunday was spent installing some new light fittings, installing panelling and hanging new blinds. We also started watching The Golden Compass. You may recall the sad saga of my wanting to see this in the theatres, but at least now I have the DVD. I still haven't finished it, but I think they did an amazing job. The story is shortened, and they have eliminated some characters, but I think that was purely out of necessity. I would highly recommend both the book and the movie though, as both are excellent in their own ways.


  1. Were your kiddies allowed to watch too? The bear may have been a bit scarey for the littlies.

  2. Do you mean the buffalo? The kids would have been able to watch, except that they opted not to come - well more like the wife opted not to bring them, and I probably would have done the same thing... 3 hours sitting in the sun while Dad is off racing around the island is not fun for anyone.

    I like it when they do come, but I seem to be able to do better when they don't - I think I get into "The Zone" better when I am left to my own thoughts prior to the start.