Friday, October 28, 2011

How to drink...

So one of the things about leaving an uptight, fundamentalist type religion is that options open up.

Now I'm not into hard drug, orgies and stuff like that, but after a certain religious leader in my area, started being particularly douchey, I figured it was time to rebel a little.

Up until I was 34, the closest I had come to liquor was a drop of Archers Peach Schapps off my girlfriends finger back in high school.

Anyway, so my journey from good Mormon boy to the fun loving guy I am today, is a topic for another day, but for those who embark on a similar journey, I'd like to offer a wee bit of advice.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Up Twenty Pounds

It's official... I'm up 20 pounds since IronMan last year. That's like a pound a month.

Anyway, so in addition to getting back into the pool this week, I'm going to try out this new device...

And just in case anyone is still reading, this probably isn't safe for work, or kids - unless you have my boss, in which case, he'll probably laugh his head off, but all your co-workers will be offended.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A New Title

So Orrin Hatch, the disrespectable sentator from Utah, invited his good buddy, Dallin Oaks to testify before Congress today. Which before I even begin, is a great way of proving that Mormon politicians aren't beholden to their religious puppet masters.

But moving on... Dallin sits before Congress and expounds the virtues of charitable giving in America, touting how it helps the poor, and the homeless.

This thing is...

Mr Oaks is exceptionally wealthy, likely pulling in more than half a million a year, in addition to book deals, paid food, clothing and housing, and all kinds of other religious benefits.

And let's not also forget the $3 billion plus mall, the wonderfully humanitarian minded Church he belongs to is building in down-town Salt Lake City.

Religion in America is generally not about charity, and helping the downtrodden and homeless. It's about enriching douche bags like Mr. Oaks who use fear of the unknown to trick good, and genuine people into paying into the corporate coffers.

I've called Mr. Oaks on his bullshit before, and today, I think we should add hypocrite to his list of illustrious titles as well.