Thursday, May 22, 2008


I've been trying to find something for the Mrs and I to do together. Having kids seriously affects your ability to relate to one another and you lose a lot of your identity. I got the tri bug last year and have gotten a little of my identity back, which I think has helped me be a better father as well - Plus I now have at least 1 tri-junkie for a daughter.

So we've been trying to find something for my wife to get into, and were hoping it was something we could do together. A few months ago, someone told her about GeoCaching. She got really excited - so did I.

Last night the GPS arrived... The UPS guy who delivered it, awakened me from the nap I was having following 2nd grade field trip to the zoo - but that's another topic.

Following dinner last night, we headed out with 3 caches loaded into the unit. The unit is remarkably accurate...

Cache # 1 was found by the wife at the top of a spruce tree.

Cache # 2 was found by the wife in a metal bracket.

We then decided to try one more before calling it a night...

Cache # 3 was one we tried to find with friends a few weeks back, without success. Knowing now what we were looking for, we returned. It took a few minutes, but I located it in a small spruce tree, right near the bottom.

So last nights results were:

3/3 caches found and a great time had by all, in spite of the weather. I think I know what we'll be doing this weekend!

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