Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I have an Hypothesis

This was something that worked it's way into my head overnight. It's just an idea, or hypothesis, so I would like to propose it and see if anyone has any additional insight, particularly some of my more opionated readers like D. Sirmize...

OK, so I went to sleep watching the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I think I've already mentioned that it's my favorite news show, and it's pretty sad that it comes from a Comedy network... Anyway, last nights guest was Bill Clinton. I can honestly say that I haven't really seen much of the man, since I kicked my Rush Limbaugh/Sean Hannity addiction, so it was nice to watch, without thinking what a rotten, lying SOB he was - because that definitely wasn't the man I saw last night.

I thought he was well spoken, didn't resort to any mudslinging, despite Stewart giving him ample opportunity and I think he showed a great deal of understanding at the current economic situation. Something he said got me thinking though... He talked about how after the IT bubble burst, there was all this money that needed to go somewhere, and in 2001 people started investing in Real Estate, and that would appear to be the catalyst that got everything start for all that is happening now. He proffered the idea that had the money been invested into alternative energy sources and that kind of thing, the long term effect would likely have been remarkably different.

So here is my thinking...

Could it be that the greatness of America comes from an attitude of seeking out new frontiers, thinking outside the box and challenging ourselves? I think about the space program, the arms race during World War 2, even the Revolutionary war. These are all things which helped define this country and have aided in her greatness.

I'm not a proponent of the Global Warming Crisis, but I do thing we have a responsibility to take care of the environment, and alternative fuel sources do make sense to investigate.

Could it be that rather than America taking the next step after the dot com boom, and looking for a newer and more exciting challenge, we got lazy, and decided to rest on our laurels? I'm not saying that investing in Real Estate isn't a good thing, but it is not exactly cutting edge.

Could it be that the problem with the Bush Administration involving the current crisis, isn't a lack of oversight, or governmental control, but rather a lack of visionary leadership, and what has been missing is a leader who will stand and inspire us to reach outside ourselves and achieve something better.

I think this is a separate issue from the war on terror and other things associated with this administration.

Please feel free to comment and share your opinions on this idea - Thanks!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The way I see it...

Let me start by saying, I definitely do not know enough about what is going on, but from my limited undestanding here is what seems to be happening...

A bunch on lending institutions made the dumb and quite frankly idiotic decision to lend money to people who had no business borrowing it. The people who borrowed the money were idiots as well, probably overcome by greed and a sense of entitlement. Shockingly enough, these people couldn't make their payments - I know, it boggles the mind how anyone could have seen this happen.

In a free market system, the banks would have gone belly up, and those that borrowed the money should have been screwed. And while I wouldn't wish that on anyone, it's how the free market stops both sides from making stupid decisions again.

Fortunately for these people we don't live with the Free Market system. Contrary to what the Republicans have said in the past, their economic plans are not about a "Free Market System". So to prevent the free market system from running it's natural course, the government steps in with bail outs. I know Mr. Bush said they weren't bail outs, but lets be honest here - Integrity isn't exactly his strongest character trait.

So the government bails out the banks, and from what I understand, some of the banks used this money to make more loans - WHAT?!?!?

Our economy is in the crapper - it's not because the free markey system has failed, it's because we have failed to allow the free market to take care of people with questionable lending tactics. Meanwhile, those of us who purchased a home we could afford, kept our credit scores high, so we could be considered borrowers of acceptable risk, and make our payments on time, just got the middle finger from our government. Thanks guys!

The way I see it, government is going to take our money and spend it however they see fit. Unless of course, we can get a libertarian government in place, or one that holds to the consitution and doesn't seek to feed and expand itself, but I can't see that happening. So the question we are left with when deciding on who to vote for in this election, comes down to who do you want to waste your money.

I think the Republicans will continue to waste the money on wars, helping out their buddies in the large corporations and growing the size and control of government over the American people.

I think the Democrats will spend the money on social welfare and similar entitlement programs, not limited to healthcare and other such things. I think they will also focus on growing the size and control of the government as well.

So do you want your money spent on killing people and making rich men richer, or on creating a welfare state and denying people the opportunity to better themselves, by making them more comfortable to simply suck from the teet of big government. And truth be told, the second may not actually be as bad as the Republicans (themselves closet socialists) would have us believe.

At the end of the day, I think I'd far rather my money was spent on welfare programs than killing people, which is what I think it comes down to. Besides, at the rate things are going, I may be able to benefit more from the social welfare programs in the future.

I would like to vote for a third party this election, either Libertarian or Constitutional, but at the same time, what if my vote only helps push the majority of votes towards a lying warmonger and his clueless running mate. Either way, I think I'm going to get screwed, just like I have been with the economy.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Do you ever look back on your life and feel like you're living a metaphor, or at the least, someone else's life?

Last night I had an experience that when it concluded I turned to my wife, and remarked. I have become George Costanza!

I then examined my life back for a few days and tried to categorize my life. For what it's worth...

Friday - All work and no play make Jack (or Koda) a dull boy.
Friday Night - You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. (I do appreciate the help though, for those involved :-) )

Saturday - 20 Miles is a hell of a long way (No metaphor, I just realized this after running it.)
Saturday Afternoon - The best things in life are free

Sunday - Eat, drink and be merry, or something about the best things in life being food and good company.

Monday - I like surprises - especially when they are completely unexpected. Also, if your horse doesn't drink when you lead it to water, at least it's at the waterhole when it gets thirsty, so you can score the whole thing a win in the long run.

And that, is what my life was like for the past few days.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


One of the first bloggers I connected with was Morgan the Dancing Mouse. I'll admit that I haven't been visiting her blog as often in recent days, due to a ton of work, but I swear I read all the posts I've missed when I do go on there.

This morning to my utter shock and dismay, I discovered that I am apparently not one of the privileged view who gets to view her blog.


Of course I guess, there's always a chance that people like me, might be the reason why she's locked it down... Hmmmmmmmmmm....

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I've got it!!

This weekend was a good one for me figuring stuff out. And I got to me The Gatsby, and his clan which was cool as well. I think it all came about because I finally got caught up on sleep. Well, until the alarm went off at 4am this morning.

The first big figuring out stuff thing happened on Friday. I get Mr. Glenn Becks' daily newsletter. I used to get it because I liked the comedy and I was generally working when his show was on, so I couldn't listen. Lately I haven't been enjoying it though, and quite often it just irks me. I've been trying to figure out why, and this weekend I GOT IT!!!

It's not that Mr Beck is not honest, nor that I object to him sharing his opinion. The thing that has been bugging me, is the pettiness of the partisan debate. Mr Beck is a Conservative Republican, and as such wholly supports that view. I can't fault him for because I used to be the same way. What bugs me is just the weak arguments put forth as to why people shouldn't vote for Mr Obama. It's not just Mr. Beck though, it seems that anyone with a firm belief in either of the major parties suffers from this bias and tendency towards childish arguing.

Some other things I figured out:

  • I am now confident in my ability to run the St George marathon next month, courtesy of Saturdays excellent 18 mile run.

  • I think I'm going to vote for Mr Obama. I'm pretty sure he's not going to be able to come through on most of what he's promising, but I'd rather aim for the stars and miss that aim for the dung heap and hit it - and as far as I can tell, Mr McCain is the dung heap (See! I'm as childish as the rest!!)

  • I figured out some religious stuff too, but I'll post that elsewhere, later in the day