Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Great Mystery

I'm in trouble with Mrs Koda. Unfortunately I'm not sure exactly why, but I do know that for sure, that asking why will only make the situation worse.

I have some ideas what may have sparked it, but generally the outcome of most of those reasons should be that I should be mad, not her... Perhaps she's upset that I'm choosing not to get upset over what is really trivial in the grand scheme of things...

All that aside, I still don't know, and at the rate at which the communication is going, I may never know.

I've tried to talk about it a couple of times, but it only seems to fuel the flames.


  1. Funny, the situation is reversed at our house - Mr Brown is NEVER unaware of why he is in any particular 'trouble' but if he's in a sulk, crikey but it's hard to find out what it's all about. You have my sympathy.

  2. Thanks Mouse!

    The mystery continues... Although we have progressed to the level of brief cordial interactions.

    I do the sulk thing too, but I think the reasons are usually fairly obvious, and I generally snap out of it in a couple of hours. I've been trying to do it less lately...

  3. The silence is broken!!!

    It would appear that I was indeed a bastard (her words not mine!) about something really stupid.

    It was stupid - It has to do with the local mix of Church and Culture... I'm trying to convince her that Australia or New Zealand may be a better place to raise the wee ones.

  4. Australia or NZ would indeed be better places to raise wee ones, but I suspect a long way away from her friends & family.

  5. You are making the mistake of usig logic ;)

  6. Bastard huh?

    Last week I was "the biggest asshole (my wife's) ever met."

    At that point I would have much rather had "bastard".

    Next time that happens we should hang out.

  7. Definitely!

    Aren't our wives sharing the same condition currently as well?

    We should hang our anyway, I have a pound and a half of boerewors and could probably some extra mouths that might appreciate it - You interested?

  8. You do not really have boerewors!

    If you did, I would be very interested.

  9. Only a pound and a half... Defintely sounds like plans need to be made...