Friday, October 28, 2011

How to drink...

So one of the things about leaving an uptight, fundamentalist type religion is that options open up.

Now I'm not into hard drug, orgies and stuff like that, but after a certain religious leader in my area, started being particularly douchey, I figured it was time to rebel a little.

Up until I was 34, the closest I had come to liquor was a drop of Archers Peach Schapps off my girlfriends finger back in high school.

Anyway, so my journey from good Mormon boy to the fun loving guy I am today, is a topic for another day, but for those who embark on a similar journey, I'd like to offer a wee bit of advice.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Up Twenty Pounds

It's official... I'm up 20 pounds since IronMan last year. That's like a pound a month.

Anyway, so in addition to getting back into the pool this week, I'm going to try out this new device...

And just in case anyone is still reading, this probably isn't safe for work, or kids - unless you have my boss, in which case, he'll probably laugh his head off, but all your co-workers will be offended.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A New Title

So Orrin Hatch, the disrespectable sentator from Utah, invited his good buddy, Dallin Oaks to testify before Congress today. Which before I even begin, is a great way of proving that Mormon politicians aren't beholden to their religious puppet masters.

But moving on... Dallin sits before Congress and expounds the virtues of charitable giving in America, touting how it helps the poor, and the homeless.

This thing is...

Mr Oaks is exceptionally wealthy, likely pulling in more than half a million a year, in addition to book deals, paid food, clothing and housing, and all kinds of other religious benefits.

And let's not also forget the $3 billion plus mall, the wonderfully humanitarian minded Church he belongs to is building in down-town Salt Lake City.

Religion in America is generally not about charity, and helping the downtrodden and homeless. It's about enriching douche bags like Mr. Oaks who use fear of the unknown to trick good, and genuine people into paying into the corporate coffers.

I've called Mr. Oaks on his bullshit before, and today, I think we should add hypocrite to his list of illustrious titles as well.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spot the Difference

Folks, one of the "Signs of the Times" put forth by the Mormon faithful is the idea that an awful scourge will cover the face of the earth. This may actually be something common to other sects as well, but Mormons are the only ones I can speak authoritatively to.

Various ideas have been proffered as to what this scourge might be. When I was a kid, it was AIDS, and more recently I've heard it to be Homosexuality.

While I reject the whole signs of the times thing as a bunch of crap, designed only to instill fear in the faithful, and get them to cough up more money for church coffers, I do believe we face a scourge.

Extremist Religion, and I'm not just talking about Islamic Extremists either.

Considering comments which Glenn Beck made (or did not make, or did not, not make). I think it appropriate to make a little comparison.

Consider Glenn Beck the Osama Bin Ladin of the Christian Extremist movement.

Is there a difference, aside from language?

Consider the faithful Glenn Beck devotee, the little Jihadist of the movement.

9/11 happens, and Bin Ladin takes responsibility and talks about how it is a warning to infidels from Allah.

The horrendous Japanese earthquake happens, and Glenn claims responsibility for his God (or rather, doesn't not, not claim responsibility for his God), and talks about how it is a warning from God.

And all the little Beck Jihadists take to the internet, and in a manner similar to the Jihadist chanting death to the infidel, and burning the American Flag, they defend the ass hat that is Glenn Beck, and criticize any who might question his holiness.

Am I completely off base here?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Scarlet Fever?

Have you ever know anyone with Scarlet Fever?

Well, raise your hand. I ended up getting it as a complication with a bout of strep I had last week.

It's an interesting thing. There was a point when I was seriously contemplating the fact that I could die - and in all actuality, I may have, had I not finally gone to see the doctor.

And after losing my faith in religion, God and in life after death, you might think that the prospect would be terrifying.

Surprisingly enough, I felt just fine about it. I was worried that I'd be leaving Mrs Koda in a pretty nasty situation, but as for me and death. I really didn't bother me that much.

Oh... And I'm just peachy now, thanks to a nice big shot of penicillin in my ass!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I am actually still alive

Back when I was a Mormon missionary, I could tell how thing were going based on what happened with my letter writing on the portion of the day we were given off each week.

If things were going really well, then I'd usually have to write really big and double space the letter to my parents, just to fill up the aerogram. And the letter to my girlfriend would usually only be a page or two.

But when things were shitty. When they had me paired up with a psychotic nazi of a companion, when the weather was awful, and when the mission president had just come down on me again, because my parents had pull a dick move on my behalf...

I wrote a couple of aerograms to my parents, and the girlfriend would usually get a 12 to 20 page epic, double sided and full of all kinds of stuff.

Why do I bring this all up?

I switch jobs 3 weeks ago. It's been an extreme awakening when it comes to the field in which I am employed, and trying to learn everything has been a little like drinking from a firehose. BUT I LOOOOOOVE IT! It's nice to be busy, it's nice to be learning new things, and the obscene pay raise I got has allowed us to start paying down the debt accumlated through years of paying our tithing and working for the corporation which supports gods only true Church on earth. I'll spare you the pages of me bitching about how god really should have been helping us out, instead of continually shoving the large, splitery bamboo pole up our collective asses.


So with all of that good and great stuff happening, I'm afraid I've been slacking on the blog.

Hopefully I'll find a way to return to regular blogging soon. But until I do... Know that I am doing fabulously, and at least in my case, no news is good news.

Perhaps I should switch to producing a daily podcast, compiled during the 2 hours I commute to and from the new job...

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The World Is Awesome!

Double posted because it really is that AWESOME!

Happy New Week Everyone :-)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

To My 'Tea Party' Friends

The Tea Party is a loaded phrase. I actually agree with some of what the principles are behind the movement, except there seem to be 2 different views of what the Tea Party is, and it seems that the louder, more obnoxious members and de-facto leaders have missed the point.

From my point of view, it's about a couple of things:

Taxation without representation. Do my representatives represent my views? I would have to say no. They represent the needs of lobbyists and the corporations who fund their campaigns the most. What has pissed me off the most in the past couple of years, was the decision by the socialist, left leaning liberals on the Supreme Court, that corporations should have the same representation as individuals citizens... Oh no, wait... That was the right wing conservatives who did that.

Freedom. President Obama's Patriot Act, and warrantless wire tapping has really taken a chunk out of our rights to privacy. Hell, I can't even transfer money from my savings account to my checking account more than 4 times a month without violating some federal statute. Thank you Barack! Oh no... Wait a sec, that was Bush's doing.

Constitution. Everytime I hear a political candidate start preaching about how much they study the Constitution I want to puke. Because it's obvious they really haven't. Especially when they start off with talking about returning our Country to the state it was under the Founding Fathers. God Fearing Christians who wanted a place of freedom.

PEOPLE!!! GEORGE WASHINGTON WAS A DEIST!!! And so were a lot of the other founding fathers. They came here to escape religious Tyranny... The very kind you seem hell bent on trying to restore.

But I have a question... Assuming any of my readers claim to be Tea Party or Constitution loving Conservatives...

My son had to memorize the preamble to the Constitution last week, and some of the wording struck a chord with me...

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

"... provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare ..."

How can you claim to be a devotee of the Constitution, and yet glory in wars waged on foreign soil in support of corporate interests, and deny millions of Americans the opportunity to receive affordable heathcare?

The Iraq war has NOTHING to do with defending the United States, and if you really look at it, it may actually be putting us at more risk, both in terms of domestic terrorism, debt and dependence on foreign oil. Those tanks they drive around in aren't hybrids as far as I now.

And Health Care Reform? It's a socialist Nazi plot? Are you freakin' serious? It's about taking care of each other, which fits in perfectly with "Promoting General Welfare"


Monday, January 24, 2011

A Nazi Response

Many years ago, during a conversation with my former mother, I made a comment, alluding to the fact that the Iraqi war, and the associated hatred towards Muslims orchestrated by George Bush, was a little Hitler'esqe.

In hindsight I should have said that, but... SHE WAS SOOOOO OFFENDED.

Funny thing is that now you have a self professed Rodeo Clown, spouting off about how everyone he disagrees with a Nazi or a reincarnated version of Hitler, and all those who were offended by inferences made by folks about Bush are suddenly nodding their heads, stroking the upper lips and chins and saying... "Yes, I can totally see that".

I think this commentary by Jon Stewart maybe the best thing I've heard on the matter. And in case my one conservative, Beck loving reader is still around... It's OK to watch, because he goes after a Democrat in the one ;-)

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Teenage Dirtbag

I haven't heard this song forever... And yet it came to mind the other evening.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Feeling the Love

So after yesterday's post, I feel the need to be more positive today.

I haven't been in the office for well over a week - either working from home, on leave, public holiday or the weekend.

I returned to day and had a brief online messenger conversation with a co-worker.

Co-worker: it took two different cleaning crews to clean up the flowers and melted wax from the candles that burned at the memorial outside of your cube. if that doesn't make you feel missed, i don't know what will.
Me: lol!
Me: Thanks
Co-worker: there were also a couple of readings. i remember one entitled, Why Mike, Why? Actually, it might have been a haiku.

Change is scary, but at the same time, it's nice to know you're leaving a place having left a good impression.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Banging My Head!

So, in case you haven't heard... I start a new job in just under 2 weeks. I've been feeling bad because my current team has an application due in the middle of March and they're way behind.

It's not for lack of trying though... With all the bureaucratic red tape you have to cut through to get anything done, the people wanting the new application have caused the delay themselves.

But I thought with the week and a half I have left, I could make a difference.

I should add at this point, that aside from no raises and sub market pay, I seriously spend more than half my time, sitting on my butt doing nothing. Which makes for good blogging time, but it's killing me. You'd think all the relaxation would be a good thing, but seriously it has the opposite effect. And it's not like I haven't asked repeatedly for more to do, but after doing it for so long, I think I've just become annoying, so I've spent most of my days surfing the net, blogging and screwing around on Facebook.

So here I am, anxious to help leave them in a good position, having given two weeks notice as a courtesy as well, and I get told this morning, that...



Someone then asked me if I was sure I wanted to leave. I'm quite proud of the fact that I was very cordial and polite in my response!

Friday, January 07, 2011

Friday Flashback

I heard this song the other night. I've been feeling crappy all week, and I was on the verge of sleep while driving back from the gym - although fortunately, I wasn't driving.

This song takes me back to my final year of high school - and particularly to a class trip to Christchurch, New Zealand to study tourism.

It was an interesting trip. For about the 4th or 5th year, I was away from home on my birthday, and I almost preferred it that way.

My girlfriend was in the process of trying to get me to dump her, but she was nice enough for the trip. Not nice enough for me to get a little action, but given her feelings - probably for the best.

This song brings back memories of walking down the streets in the cold, searching for dolphins on a boat ride, and visiting the Christchurch Cathedral.

Good times!

Thursday, January 06, 2011

On My Mind

I don't know exactly why, but this song was on my mind today. I think they'd be a fun group to see in concert.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Dying Inside

I have the funniest blog post of all time...

But some of you know me, and a couple even know Mrs Koda.

And so it cannot be shared.

So instead, I shall share the following - Thanks to Marianne for the find, and the subsequent loss of productivity at work!

Oh - and Christians and those sensitive to certain language may be offended. Actually there is no may about it - It totally will!

There is also a clip of him on Mintys. I would post it here, but it's filthy, filthy, filthy! So if you have a filthy, filthy mind like me, perhaps you might enjoy looking for it. But I wouldn't recommend it.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Happy New Year

Hey Everyone! Welcome back in 2011.

I have a couple of good post ideas I'm working on, but...

How about we enjoy the following in the mean time.

I watched Juno a month or so back, while Mrs Koda was out with a girlfriend. I suspect this may have been more of a chick flick, but I still enjoyed it - well, enjoyed, in the fact that it was well done, and got my emotions connected to the story.