Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What limits us most...

My plan was to use this blog as a vehicle to discuss issues facing us as a civilization, and in looking at my past 2 postings, I think I definitely need to focus less attention on government, and more on social issues. With that said though, I think that government does an excellent job of giving us an extreme example to use when illustrating what things are wrong.

Today's topic is something that affects all of us, and I can honestly state that it is a topic which has had the most profound effect on me over the past year.

I'll start with a question... You don't have to answer, but if you do, I think you'll find the results surprising.

When was the last time you were disappointed?

Now if you think of that time and the circumstances surrounding it, I could probably guess that with very few exceptions, it was because you had an expectation for something that was not met.

We're an interesting culture, when you look at our language, we think that we can achieve success by exercising control over situations and over others. Am I right?
The problem is that we choose to exercise this idea of control on 2 things over which we have no control at all.

We attempt to control the actions of others and we try and control outcomes of situations, and it is from both of these that we get disappointment.

Without exception one of the greatest friends I have works as an attorney for an organization. The job of being an attorney is typically one where you aim for the best result possible. Every attorney wants to win the case. So what they do is begin with the plan of winning, and then takes steps to try and make that result happen.

This philosophy is often accredited to a philosopher by the name of Makieveli (The spelling is likely different though). His belief was that the ends justify the means. In other words it doesn't matter what you do to get a result, as long as the result is the one you want, that's all that matters.

I used to think this way, but when you think about this, is it the way things should be? Obviously not, because the world is somewhat of a mess right now.
I'd like to cite an example if I could...

I think we all know about the case of OJ Simpson. The story everyone knows, is that he killed his wife and her boyfriend and then was let off by the jury on the case. I am pretty sure the guy did it, as is most of America. The story you don't hear is that those working on the case knew he had don't it too, and in order to ensure that he was found guilty, they messed with the evidence to ensure that he would be found guilty.

Based on the fact that evidence was tampered with the jury made the right decision in not finding him guilty. Now before you write me a nasty comment, upset that a killer was let free, let's look at another example which has come to light in the last few weeks... Last year, some La Cross players from back east where accused of raping a stripper. During the course of the investigation the prosecutor come upon DNA evidence which would have exonerated those accused of this crime. In this case too, he messed with the evidence so that he could get the result he wanted. Fortunately for the young men accused of this crime the truth came out.
There is no doubt more that could be shared on this topic, and I will try and address some of that in the coming weeks, but if I could make 1 point from all of this today...

People are free to choose their actions; Results take care of themselves, and neither have any business being messed with by us. If we try the result is usually negative for all involved, and in many ways, we are limited in what we can achieve.

Do you want real control over your life? Worry about the process instead. Treat everyone with respect and ensure that you conduct your life in an honest fashion. When you do this, those around you will have more reason to trust you, you will likely trust them more, and in the end, the results will take care of themselves.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Politician Brain Scan

Before I get going on this revealing topic... Yesterday I received a link to a video clip from 60 Minutes episode a few weeks back. The video dealt with a vote on a medicare bill which was passed some years back. Quite frankly, it made me sick to watch, and while I am planning on sharing it with you, I'll be letting the thoughts settle for a while, so I can provide you with an objective analysis when I do.
Alright the topic today is about the dangers of political ideologies. I don't have a reference to the article I am basing this on, but if any readers know where I could get a reference to it, I'll make it worth your while!!
The article reported a study which was done on the brain functions of members of both political parties. No doubt I could take up a whole page on jokes just related to that, but in reality the results were a little sobering.
The experiment was to monitor which parts of the brain where activated when the subjects were given information from a leader within their own party, which information was radically different from what many of them would have normally believed in.
Here's what happened... When the information was given, the logical centers of the politicians brains, actually turned off, and the pleasure centers started to show activity. Consequently, all subjects agreed with the direction that was given to them.
Now I'm hoping I got the story right, as it shows an interesting physiological phenomenon, that we can observe other places as well. While it is now doubt more complex than the explanation I am about to give, basically what happens in the brain is this...
The brain is fed information which supports a specific paradigm. In the case of these politicians, it was to believe in the leadership of their party. This information creates within the brain an alternative reality. Of course if is not so much a reality, as it is an illusion of reality, which the brain the begins to accept as a reality. As time passes, this illusion becomes more and more accepted as reality.
Now enters a party leader with information that would normally raise red flags in the real world, but in the illusionary world, which the brain is now working in, the leader must be right. So the brain receives the message, the logical center looks at it for perhaps just a split second, and realizes there is a conflict. We don't like conflict, and so in an effort to avoid any pain, the brain shuts down logic, releases some 'feel good' hormones, and all of a sudden everything seems fine.
Do you ever wonder how a radical Islamic leader can convince people to kill themselves in the name of religion? Same way. I spent some time, perhaps 10 years ago, looking and investigating Islam. Some of their beliefs are wonderful, and I have always had good encounters when interacting with Muslims. The problem is though, that part of the religion is based on unquestioning obedience to leaders. With that situation, all you need is a corrupt and self-serving leader to give some bad direction, and the brain kicks in, shuts down logic and convinces the victims that it is the right thing.
When you look at both situations, is there really much difference between the way radical Islamic leaders and high ranking members of the political parties work?
With your new knowledge, look around at your life. I was shocked to find just how far from reality, my perception of the world had drifted.
One word of caution at this point. When I did this, I found a number of things in my life which really upset me, and I have spent a lot of time feeling angry and betrayed. Just remember that the illusions with which we have been indoctrinated are likely the same illusions which those who shared them with you have been indoctrinated. It's an ongoing cycle, but it can be broken by those who realize they have the freedom to choose their own thoughts, actions and hence their own destinies.

Monday, June 25, 2007

When Left equals Right

So last night, I'm sitting at my computer and while I should be getting a project finished up, I start watching music videos on Yahoo Music. A few video's into it, I find Testify by Rage Against The Machine. It's a great song - if you like that kind of music, but the content of the video just blew me away (Even though it deals with the 2000 Presidential Election).

So then I hit Wikipedia, and look up the band to find out more on their political philosophy. According to whoever wrote the article, they are against government intrusion and big into freedom. That kind of sounds like me, except then they were described as being a radical left-wing group. This is kind of crazy to me, since I have always considered myself somewhat of a right-wing nut job. Now I may not totally agree with everything they believe or support, but on these key issues I think we stand on the same ground.

Left and Right, Right and Left, is there really a difference? I think the problem is that people try and polarize an issue to fit just one side of the political spectrum, but the more I think about it, it really comes down to freedom, and whether you want to be free or not. The approach may differ, but ultimately we all want the same thing.

I'm going to continue this theme for the next week or two... There was a study done some time ago that looked into the brains of politicians, and had some surprizing findings (They found something, which is probably the most shocking part), but then I'd like to explore what exactly the problems are that we face, and look at possible solutions.

We The People are going to have to fix this.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Scared of Global Warming

So, I'm coming into work this morning, and walk by a reporter from the local TV station doing a very serious story about reducing Greenhouse gas emissions.

Before I start this, let me just clarify my position on the environment....

I like living here on earth. I believe in being environmentally responsible. I think it is possible to maintain a healthy balance between taking care of nature, and providing for my fellow man.

Now back to that reporter... What a load of crap!!!

Here's the deal on Global warming, Global cooling, Global Climate Change and all of that...

First, before you decide if you are for or against this, do your own research on the matter. I would suspect that like me, you have been fed misinformation for most of your life about this issue.

The big question for everyone, is why is there all this concern about it?

If you stay tuned to this blog, you will find that I am a firm believer in honesty and in freedom. In opposition to these two ideals are deceptions and control. The biggest problem any nation is facing right now, is from governments that have stepped out of the role of providing a central point for coordination of infrastructure and other essential services, and into the business of promoting various agenda's and basically growing fat on unethical taxation.

So how does a small group of people acquire more and more control of their populations? The key is fear... If you study up on the physiological effects of fear, one of the results is that our brains go into a fight or flight mode, and to better achieve those goals, our brain shuts down the logical thinking part of the brain. Unfortunately, when an entity such as a government learns how to trigger that response, they can then exercise a measure of control on what your actions are.

I think one of the saddest things, is to watch teenagers who have been fed misinformation for most of their formative years, come out in violent opposition to Global Warming, without having so much as a clue about the facts.

I return back to my original point that everyone needs to do their own research, avoiding where possible propoganda from either side of the argument.

As a final word, in looking at public officials, I think you'll find most of them are jumping on the 'Global Climate Change' band wagon. They are trying desperately to find a reason to make you 'need' them. The more you 'need' them, the more control they have.

People should not fear their governments, governments should fear their people.

Next time some guy who makes his living by overtaxing you and spending it to promote his personal agenda, starts telling you about the dangers of Global Warming, or any other 'crisis' or 'catastrophe' I hope your BS detector goes off loud and clear, and you have the clarity of mind to question why they might be doing so.

Please sound off on this by leaving a comment, whether you agree or not. If we can get all the evidence in one place, I think an honest review will let the truth be revealed.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Freedom is Free

So I've been thinking a lot about freedom lately... I think what started it all, was that I got interested in politics a few years back and started trying to understand the whole process. Several years later and many years more experienced, I have become pretty disillusioned with the whole thing. I'm not sure if I could name one politician that is in the game for the good of humanity. The greatest tragedy of all is that while they claim to support 'Freedom of the People', they don't believe people should be trusted to exercise their own judgement.

If you are anything like me, that statement may not be sitting well right now, but let me clarify. I think every human being is basically good. The problem comes when 1 person tries to exercise control over another. Think of any example, either current, or historical, and look for one person trying to control another person, or in most cases a whole group of people. If you find one that doesn't fit this paradigm, let me know because I haven't found one yet.

I went on a spiritual journey last year, with a very good friend. While I definitely haven't arrived at my destination, nor do I think the journey will ever be complete, I have seen a number of things that lead me to believe that things are very, very wrong with our society.

I'd like to keep this blog up beat, while at the same time tackling many of the social problems we face as a civilization and brainstorming possible solutions. I don't think anyone has all the answers, but those of us that pursue a path to find honesty and truth will find many of the answers hidden in plain sight.

Let me know if you would like to join me on this journey, and what kinds of things concern you about where the world is headed.

The only rule is openess and honesty, we won't be held down by traditional views, whether religeous, political, cultural or otherwise. Obviously none of those working right now anyway!