Monday, June 28, 2010

Soccer Fever

I've been really getting into a couple of the matches from the World Cup in South Africa. Yesterday I even skipped Church to watch the England / Germany game live... Although to be completely honest, I would have skipped church yesterday to watch the grass grow, the neighbors dog urinate on my lawn, or the clouds drift by.

There was some cool stuff in yesterdays game which I'm going to sit down and blog about later today... (Netherlands and Slovenia start in the next half hour), but I wanted to share something with you, which I thought was hilarious.

So we're watching the USA vs. Ghana game on Saturday, and the commentator says the following with respect to the goalkeeper for the US.

"... has suffered from Tourette's Syndrome for most of a his life. A great quote by him..."

To which I responded... "Mother f#*&#*@!"

Mrs. Koda was not visibly amused at all, but am I wrong here, or was that not comedic gold?!?

Anyway, which all due respect to Mr. Howard... He does appear to be a remarkable man, who has overcome much. His story was actually quite inspiring when they featured it, just prior to the game.

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