Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Simple Hymn

I tried wooing the beautiful Mrs. Koda with this sweet hymn last night.

Now, sisters, list to what I say:
With trials this world is rife,
You can't expect to miss them all,
Help husband get a wife!

Now, this advice I freely give,
If exalted you would be,
Remember that your husband must
Be blessed with more than thee.

Then, O, let us say,
God bless the wife that strives
And aids her husband all she can
T' obtain a dozen wives.

I'll be completely honest here... The idea of polygamy used to excite me, and there was something in my patriarchal blessing that seemed to indicate that I might be part of it's return at some point in my life. Sure I could talk about all the spiritual reasons why I wanted it, but the bottom line is... I'm a man with raging hormones and a healthy appreciation for the ladies...

OK, so I didn't exactly sing that to Mrs Koda, but we did have a good laugh over it!

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