Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Coward We Empowered

Some one sent me a link to a new song by Eminem last week. It has nothing to do with this post, but I liked the lyrics. If you're not an Eminem fan, you may not enjoy it, and it does have some language in it which some may find offensive.

After watching that on YouTube, I saw a link to another clip call Mosh, which looked like it had some interesting imagery. The language has been censored on this on, but I think it's worth watching, even if you're not an Eminem fan.

I had some interesting thought after watching that.

Let's consider the Tea Party folks for a minute. I may have stated it before, but on a positive note, I do think that the idea behind the movement, that we need to be more engaged in the political process is a good one.

But that aside...

This video was released in 2004, and I suspect that, had most of the Tea Party folks of today seen it back then, they would have called Mr. Mathers a traitor, an anti-American and a terrorist sympathizer. Some might even have gone so far as to suggest that he be tried on charges of treason, or have his citizenship revoked.

Interestingly enough, I suspect that except for the timing, 99% of the sentiments expressed in this video would apply to the Tea Party folks. Well except for the ending...

In a video involving disillusioned members of minority groups, people who find themselves in dire circumstances and those of society to whom we'd rather not relate, you would expect that the solution would involve more violence and threats about violence... Instead the video advocates change through the process of democracy... Voting to effect change and letting your voice be heard.

Which them brings up something interesting... Some of the Tea Party folks are my age, but most are older. My exposure to them at one of their rally's, was that they tend to be older white folks... Older white folks all pissed off with the government for growing as big as it has, and for the current economic crisis.

These things they're pissed off about haven't just come about in the last couple of years either... They're things which have taken years and decades to build, and they've all been built by the politicians that these same old white folks voted into office. The Bushs, Clintons, Reagans and other leaders of the past.

A video I posted the other day, on my other blog here, made reference to Mr. Obama's campaign. It was an interesting observations which was made. Mr. Obama ran his campaign on Change. Change which was sorely needed, but a change which needed to take place within everyone who was involved. I think far too many on the left have shirked their responsibility to effect change, thinking that merely voting for the President was the extent of their engagement, and I think far too many on the right see the need for Change, but are barking up the wrong tree.

If you're one of the old white folks, and you're pissed off by the current state of affairs... How about you take a good long look in the mirror, before trying to control the future of a generation which you've already managed to screw over?

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