Monday, April 05, 2010

What He Said....

On the positive side of things which happened this weekend, was the meeting up with an old friend from many, many years ago. He like me still projects a rather heavy South African accent when he talks, but having live in Canada, lo these many years, he'll also add an "eh" or two on the end of his sentences, just to keep it interesting.

It was an interesting meeting, given that in 18 years, we've had almost no contact with each other or mutual friends. Not having had contact, minimizes points of reference between us, and so naturally conversation was a little jumpy to begin with.

At one point in the conversation though, the topic turned to health-care, mostly due to a personal experience I had some years ago. Without my prompting, he declared that the Canadian Health-care system is one of the things he's most grateful for. He said that at times, it might take a little longer to get in and see the doctor, but it wasn't that bad, and when you do get in to see him (or her) you don't have to worry about what the diagnosis is, and how you're going to pay for it, since it's covered.

He's just your average working guy, trying to provide for a family and improve his life, and so I thought this observation of his very interesting, and a far cry from the appalling state of health-care as portrayed by the media who oppose health care reform.

On that topic too, I also found this rather inciteful commentary on the tea-bagging movement by another blogger. He's using a fan of the sarcastic and comedic post, one of my favorite being his recent application as a sniper in an Idaho militia, but this one came across as quite serious and well thought out.

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