Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Tiger and Tigger and Voyeurs, Oh My!

First of all, and this has nothing to do with the post...

Congrats to frequent blog visitor, commenter and cat-lover Ms. Morgan Mouse on becoming the proud parent of young Tigger.

America, if I might ask a question... Why does anyone still care about Tiger Woods and his infidelity?!?

I'm at the gym last night, watching the news while grinding away on the bike, and the lead story is Mr. Woods down at the Masters. Was it about his golf game? Not really, it was about his fan's perception of how much he's improved since his little confessional.

"It's like he's a different person", said one.

I'm not sure how that's news, but then they cut to one of the sluts he was banging.

"I don't believe him", says she, "I look at him, and all I see if a big fat liar."

Honey, with all due respect, and quite honestly, I don't think any is due...

You hopped into bed with a married man. A man you knew was married, but for some reason, the thought of you getting done by Tiger Woods overcame your now obvious sense of morality. So you did that, and now you're passing judgment on him being a liar?!?!

In other news, and somewhat related. John Remy of the Mind on Fire blog, directed me to this picture comparing the front pages of CNN and Al Jazeera yesterday...

The United States holds in it's history some pretty cool philosophies about freedom and individual responsibility, but I think by and large the populace doesn't really care. Should we be surprised when those nations on whom we impose our foreign policy are offended by it?

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  1. Tigger says hello!
    As for Tiger, we don't care, didn't care and won't care.
    He's a sleezy cheating so and so but that's between him & his wife, it's the business of nobody else.