Thursday, April 22, 2010

Something Positive...

You know with all the gloom and doom going on right now... Idiot Teabaggers with hypocritical signs, people opposing regulation of the financial industry, which industry screwed us all over because they got regulated, and religious fanatics everywhere claiming that recent earthquakes are the result of women dressing sensually and the gays trying to form stable families, there is a beam of light which gives me hope...

I don't watch Dancing with the Stars, but I get regular updates from Mrs Koda as to the state of things on the show. Last night while putting in a couple of miles on my bike trainer, my sweet wife had the results show on, and Kate got kicked off.

America, in that moment, I realized that there are still thinking and reasonable people out there.

I know this is one of those rants which Kate will probably get all bent out of shape about, but lets be honest here, she has no talent, other than being a first class bitch. It's not about her kids either, if she values them, it's only because their existence has allowed her to achieve her apparent goal of full blown media whore. She was a pretty crappy wife too, and while I wouldn't defend Jon's actions in recent years of being those of a mature adult, having watched how she treated him on camera, I think we can all understand.

So long Kate, and while I hope the door doesn't hit you too hard on the ass, I do it it slams securely and locks so that you can't get back in the spotlight for your next 2 minutes of fame... No doubt... "For my children...."


  1. Mrs. Koda and I are definitely kindred spirits.

    Couldn't stand Khate's whining by Episode 2, long before I found out about all her scamming of churches and other groups. Other than the actual pregnancy and delivery, she had the most help and easiest life of any mother I knew... plus a plugged-in husband and eight beautiful children. Why the histrionics?

    Of course, I just thought she was immature. I had no idea she was a con artist. Glad the pity-party drama is over (for now).


  2. Never watched the show, but the little I saw of her, I tend to agree with your assessment. Yay.