Tuesday, March 02, 2010

TV Awards

In the TV awards for Monday night, March 1st, we have:

Jon Stewart - For his role of host on The Daily Show. Seems like the Olympic break did him the world of good. He was on fire last night.

Neil Tyson Degrasse - For his role of guest on The Daily Show. Quite possibly the best example we have on earth of a man who is both a genius and hilarious. I'm recording his show on Pluto tonight too!

And finally, while I'm not admitting to watching anything...

Jake - For his role in an undisclosed show - Quite possibly the biggest moron alive. Mrs. Koda maintains he was thinking with his penis, and I just think he's an idiot...

But again, no admission of actually watching the show from me!

Edited to Add
In an comment on FaceBook... SimplySarah pointed out that the other option for Jake was a Yes-girl. Not having watched too much of this season - or at least not being willing to admit that I did, I can't comment on that statement with any great authority, but I can definitely see it as a possibility.

I always wanted to marry a yes-girl, but unfortunately (or fortunately) Mrs. Koda is not of that persuasion. Our first couple of years of marriage where a huge disappointment for me in that respect, because she wouldn't do what I said. However, looking back, I wouldn't have it any other way.

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