Monday, March 01, 2010

That Damn Mr. Murphy

So I went trail running on Friday. I've got a 50k race coming up in 4 weeks and then the IronMan in about 8. I've been trying to work on my form and running injury free, and I must say that I considered the run Friday to be a phenomenal success in both areas. I ended up running 22 miles (although to be completely honest, there was some walking mixed in there, but that's why I like trail running), and I actually still felt pretty good when I was done.

I grabbed some lunch and then took the kiddo's to the pool for a great afternoon.

As a complete side note at this point... Why do women choose to buy and wear white swimsuits? I'm not saying I mind as much as I probably should, but at first I was thinking... Don't they know?!? And then the thought occurred to me that they probably did.

Back on track though... Saturday, still feeling good, we took the kids down to the park. There was supposed to be a snow storm, but the weather guy got it wrong again (Although no complaints this time!).

We walked the perimeter a few times and then I played Frisbee with the little guys. We finished it off with some soccer type game, which didn't really have a point, but those seem to be them best.

Somewhere during the soccer though, I think I tweaked my calf a little. I don't think it's serious, more likely just a cramp, but I got to thinking...

I ran over 20 miles with no problems what-so-ever, and then I tweak my legs screwing around at the park with the kids?!?!

On a related note... I ran into a herd of bison midway through the run. The main group on the trail seemed to be a group of bulls, and the herd in the distance behind them included a number of brand new calves. I ended up doing the cross country thing to get around them.

19 miles into my trail run yesterday! on Twitpic

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