Thursday, March 18, 2010

Koda Breweries

I've been experimenting was various brewed concoctions. Of course, since I was raised Mormon, I haven't been experimenting with actual beer, at least not yet, but I've been having fun, none-the-less.

The whole idea started when my brother brought over a bottle of home made ginger beer. It sat on the fridge for a couple of days and was promptly forgotten. Fortunately for all involve, I remembered 5 or 6 days later, at which point, the bottle was hard as a rock. I relieved the pressure gradually and poured the wonderful liguid over a glass of ice... Mmmmmmm.

It was gone within a day and most of that was consuption my me, since the Koda kids, and the Mrs, weren't to wild about the yeasty smell.

I got the urge to make some more, and in the process of researching, found this site.

The first test was a 2 liter bottle of root beer, and was mixed as per the instructions on the site. I used warn water, which may have sped up the fermentation process. After 3 days the bottle was rock hard, and I felt it best that we begin consumption.

All the kids tried a little, but none had more than a few sips.

My personal impression... There was a definite yeast taste, but it wasn't ver strong. The rootbeer itself was a little lacking in flavor, and it seemed to lack a certain amount of body. I suspect that my use of inferior root beer extract and a sugar content which was likely lower than A&W use are the main culprit.

I just finished mixing up batch number 2. This time I used cold water, a little less yeast and a cup and a quarter of sugar. I also added a half tablespoon on vanilla essense to see how that affects the taste. I'm looking for smooth and creamy.

Hopefully I should have a report for you in 4-5 days.


  1. "This site"??? Are you missing a link?

    PS. A couple years ago I tried brewing root beer. I wound up at The Beer Nut (
    1200 S. State Street, SLC) who were very helpful.

  2. a little more sugar, a little more fermentation and you get alcoholic ginger beer you know, bloody wonderful stuff!

  3. Thanks dbd - it has been fixed! Must remember how to spell href!!

    Little more sugar eh? I think I shall have to try that!

    And perhaps a Monday lunch time run to The Beer Nut might be fortuitous as well...