Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I'm a little baffled...

A defect in a handful of Toyota vehicles results in millions of cars being recalled and the CEO of the company hauled before Congress for hearings. I thought he appeared very humble and definitely seemed to regret what had happened and promised to fix the problems.

A little bit of an over reaction by the political rabble in Washington, but whatever...

For years, priests all over the world have been sexually abusing young boys. We're not talking about a handful of car accidents, but hundreds, possibly thousands of lives ruined by dirty old men, claiming to speak for God.

So far, not a word has been said by Congress. As for the leaders of this Church, I think Mark Morford sums it up better than I could...

Decades of sexual, emotional, physical abuse of children by priests? Our bad. Here, have a letter.

Details here

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