Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Q & A

I think there is much to be debated when it comes to health care reform. Obviously the currently system in the US has some major problems and needs to be fixed, and obviously there are a variety of idea's on how to do that.

I'm of the opinion that the solution is likely to encompass a wide range of smaller solutions which will benefit all parties involved. If changes only benefit the recipients of health care, then the doctors get screwed, if it's all doctors and insurance profits, then the patients will suffer.

The question I was going to pose to you was... How can you respond to someone on FaceBook though, who mixes into the debate phrases such as "Worst President in History" and "If we socialize medicine it will destroy innovation and all the world will suffer."

I tried to be civil. I tried to be nice. I even told the originator of those comments that some of his other ideas had a great deal of merit, because I thought they did.

But there comes a point, when there really is only one way to deal with people who are convinced the guy who was democratically elected is an evil tyrant, trying to destroy the world and nothing he will suggest will ever be a good idea.

Remove from Friends

Incidentally, this is the same individual who took offense to my status update about wishing the world could treat people of a homosexual persuasion as normal human beings and not as people who needed to be changed or fixed.

That one was funny because he disagreed with me in such a way as to make my point. But alas I should have dropped him way back then. I guess this latest bout was the universe finally making it's point.

As a complete aside... Today's number is 8 - Read more about it here.


  1. Sunning is the time-honored, non-violent approach to dealing with idiots. Your choice made sense.

    Now, if you really want to know the best way to fix the health care problem.... 8-)

  2. De-friend, if that's an option, I don't play with this face book thing :)

  3. Sunning - if that means what I think it means... LOL!

    Ms. Mouse, it's totally an option, and an option which has been exercised at this point!

  4. Man, oh man, I have so much to write about the healthcare reform opponents that it could probably be it's own post... is that offer still open???

    ; )

  5. Whoa, sorry, posted that under the wrong name, lol!


  6. Hey Clink!!

    Based on the first comment, I suspect that you and Mrs Koda may share a common interest as well - of course there are so many different ways to go there!

    That offer always stands - just let me know how you would prefer to do it! Either I can add your google/blogger account as a contributor or you could just forward me the post, and I could post it for you. I believe you know how to get hold of me!