Friday, March 19, 2010

2 and a half Mikes

I'm a big fan of Two and a Half Men. And as I've watched it recently, I've started to notice parallels with my life.

  • I think if most people who knew me had to pick a character who most closely resembled me, I think I would be Alan Harper - Except currently I'm not paying alimony.

  • I think if I wanted to pick the character I most would like to be, that person would be Charlie Harper - But without the binge drinking, although there might be some.

  • At one point I had an Evelyn Harper in my life - Except without all the sexual encounters

  • And I think it can reasonably said that one of my offspring is a Jake Harper.


  1. I'm trusting it's not one of the wee girl Kodas that's the Jake, that would be too cruel!

  2. LOL!! No, tis the eldest male specimen. One of the girls could possibly pass for Judith, and the other for Rose, but neither are an exact match.