Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Here's the thing folks... I do love Christmas.

If I could cite as evidence, this somewhat blurry and low budget picture of the current nocturnal state of the Koda household.

And not only that, but I'm thinking I could very well be adding to the display if the weather holds out through the coming weekend.

But that said...

Am I totally alone and off base on this, but is anyone else just intensely annoyed by Christmas Carols on the radio? I mean, I have a radio station that I would rather listen too over anything else, but this morning as I headed to the pool, I turned it on and got... "Sleigh bells ring and you listening, in the snow the"

And that was where it ended, because I switched over to the hard rock station and got a little Beastie Boys, some P.O.D and a smidge of Metallica.

Aaaaaah! So much better.

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