Monday, November 30, 2009

Cards and Cremation

It's been an interesting weekend. We had 7 house guests all last week, and then hosted 25 people for Thanksgiving dinner. I tried a unique experience called the iFly, ran half-way up Frary Peak on Antelope Island, and as I left the pool this morning I had a brilliant idea for a post, which has since left my mind, likely never to return.

There is one thing stuck in my mind... I was awakened from a dream shortly after 2 this morning. I think I was doing some kind of trick of something, but the end result was me lying in a coffin. Not only that, but it seemed like I was inside of a pine box, inside of a coffin. Both were open, but at that point, my 7 year old daughter appeared on the scene and tried to close both boxes.

My initial thought was that I could just push the lid open, but then I realized that the pine box and the coffin would open in difference directions, making that tricky to do.

Then I started thinking that perhaps I could do the Kill Bill, Kung Fu trick and break my way out of the coffin, except a) I'm not that strong, b) I don't actually know any Kung Fu and c) Have you ever felt how strong and heavy a coffin is?

Then I started to panic. What if the coffin got latched, and they just assumed I was dead and buried me. I was over come with total terror, convinced that I would be doomed to suffocate alone inside a dark, empty and confined box.

Yeah - try going to sleep after you wake up from that!! I did finally drop back to sleep for an hour or two, before the alarm went off, and the thought which did it, was a solid resolved to be cremated. Although in hindsight, would burning be more or less painful that suffocation? It would be quick, but it would likely hurt a whole lot more, and I am somewhat of a wuss when it comes to pain.

Perhaps with this being Monday and all, a less morbid start to the week might be a little better... A good friend sent me this a few minutes ago...

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