Thursday, December 17, 2009

Why It's Funny...

So I didn't have any takers on the funny within the funny on my last post...

Those of you with an LDS background, might have noticed that the bible used in the sketch is an LDS (Mormon) edition.

I did a little more research into Mr. Deity and it turns out that the creator, Mr. Brian Keith Dalton is in fact a former member of the LDS Church.

If you're familiar with LDS Doctrine too, you might find that there is an element of the sketches which seems to fit when viewing God, Christ and the whole plan from a distinctly Mormon perspective.

Anyway, I thought that was moderately interesting.


  1. Oh, sorry -- I would have commented on the earlier post, but I thought someone else would, since the Main Street Plaza crowd has already talked about this. Gimme a sec...

  2. I think I found it - June 28th of this year...

    I'm still kind of a newby on Main Street!

  3. S'okay -- we're glad to have you in the discussion now! :D