Wednesday, December 09, 2009

*** NEW BLOG ***

Before I tell you more, please calm down... It's not that exciting. Unless of course you're a computer geek!

I posted something a while back involving a problem with Internet Explorer and how it deals with dynamic cells in javascript different from every other browser.

Bored already? I'll post something more humorous shortly!

Anyway, I came across another issue this weekend which taxed my brain, and which didn't seem to have a solution on the internet. Rather than post it here, I figured I'd start a new blog, wherein to post all my geeky programming type observations.

As of this morning it has 2 entries!

If you're desperate for entertainment, you can view it here, but I think you'll be sorely disappointed.

In other news sometime late last night, someone came and spent several hours perusing this and my kodathink blog. I found interesting where they went and what they looked at. If it was you... I hope you found what you were looking for!!


  1. Oh, don't worry, it was just me. ; )

    You've said "If you've been a regular reader"... "If you're familiar with this blog"... and gone on to reference something. I've been meaning to catch up on the past posts for awhile, and last night's bout with insomnia seemed like a good time.

    #3 Transiberian Carol of the Bells -- my FAVORITE. The kids managed to download it on my cell phone as a ring tone a few years ago, and I kept it the whole year... never tired of it!

    Lol, so I caught up on your life so far, but somehow missed it... why are you having trouble with Christmas carols this year?


  2. Hopefully the reading was entertaining then! Although I guess if insomnia hits then you really need something boring!!

    The Christmas Carol thing... I'm not sure why, because I'm excited about pretty much everything else about Christmas, but if a carol comes on the radio, I just can't take it! Unless it's one of these three! And any of the Hannukah songs!!

  3. Second favorite... Adam Sandler's Hannukah Song, from SNL years ago.

    ; )