Thursday, December 10, 2009

Old Age or Cold

It has not be a good last 24 hours for the Koda brain.

Yesterday, I did a swim workout over lunch and as I was getting dressed afterwards, realized that I had forgotten to include any underwear in my bag, and since I wear my suit to the pool...

This morning as I arrived at the pool, I walked in wondering what I would do if I ever forgot my towel. And then in a few minutes later realized that as I packed my back last night, I had neglected to include.... A towel.

Now, normally these wouldn't have been huge problems. In the case of yesterday, I ended up going commando, since a wet swim suit would have caused more problems that it would have avoided.

And after forgetting a towel, I could have just taken a hot shower and tried to do the drip dry thing...

But here's the problem...

And for my metricly inclined friends...

Going commando, means that there was one less layer to protect important things from the cold, and doing the drip dry thing this morning, might have required me to call ahead to work, and have someone meet me in the parking lot to help chip me out of my seat.

I was thinking it might be old age setting in - especially in light of yesterday's final post, but perhaps it's just that my brain has frozen. Goodness knows it's been exposed to enough cold in the last week.


  1. Ok what the hell does that mean? I mean the comment before mine?

    As for age or brain issues: 7F is about the temperature of the moon, ok? So I wouldn't worry myself with existential questions, I'd just get the f**k out of the cold.

    You know me, ever practical.

  2. I thought it might be another regular reader of the blog, and I think they meant something about not being able to stop the inevitable...

    However, the link goes to some asian p0rn site - hence, your comment is now first!