Monday, November 02, 2009

Halloween Pet Peeves

Sorry folks... I need to vent. Here are my top 3 pet peeves from Halloween:

1. People who come to a "Trunk or Treat", but park their car down the street. Thus showing up for treats without a trunk.

2. Kids who grab the candy without saying "Trick or Treat".

3. Parents who just laugh when their little scum bag of a kid, grabs a whole handful, and you're saying - "Just One... Just One... JUST ONE!!!!"

I don't mind giving candy to older kids either, especially if they make the effort dress up, but it was a little interesting to have a young monster's cell phone go off as he turned to go.


  1. I'll add one:

    Parents who are so lazy they can't walk with their kids so they drive from house to house as the kids walk along the street.

  2. I concur!! We didn't have any of those this year though... Could have been the warmer weather.

  3. I signed up to take a cake to the party, because a cake is easy to decorate. Other people signed up to bring other things. Somehow, there was nothing but cake on the table when I got there.

  4. I'll agree with these. The kid and parent from number 3 is the same kid that blew out all my jack o'lantern candles and walked away with his parents saying"I blew out the candles" and them thinking it's rather cute.

  5. Well Ms. Mouse, it may be a Utah or a Mormon thing...

    Instead of traditional door to door trick or treating, the neighborhood all gather at a local parking lot, park the cars around the outside and open up their trunks. The kids then walk around from trunk to trunk.

    It can be fun, since much socializing is to be had, and often people will decorate their trunks, something which each year Mrs. Koda and I have vowed to do the following year and which we never have.

    On the negatives are the excess amounts of candy, both given and received, and you have people who show up without a car, and just cash in on the obscene quantities of candy to be had.

    I think originally it was meant to create a safer experience for the kids, but at least in our neighborhood, we do it at 5pm, and by 6pm everyone is home, and then we hit up all the neighbors again!!

  6. Ooo, well, turning up without a car, in that case, is a bit of a shitty thing to do. Be peeved I say, very peeved.