Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Pigs - Top News Story of 2009

Now I know traditionally pigs haven't always been peoples favorite animals. Thanks to the Jews we have them classified as unclean animals. Interestingly enough this idea come from the same section in the Bible where anti-gay activists claim their proof against homosexuality. I wonder how many anti-gay folks like a side of bacon with breakfast?

But I digress...

Perhaps the biggest news story of the year for pigs has been SWINE FLU, which was then classified as H1N1, since rumor has it that someone from the Pig Board complained, and then a couple of weeks back I heard a newscaster refer to it as "Swine flu, the virus formally known as H1N1", and I'm not entirely convinced that he was joking.

There have also been a number of advertisements featuring pigs. At the beginning of the year, advertisements against cable television (in favor of Satellite Television) came up with the "Cable Hog". A pig was used to represent the Cable Company, and the slogan of "Don't feed the pig" was attached.

A few days ago, I noticed a new ad on the radio, funded by a CPA association in Utah, encouraging people to save money. They're using the slogan, "Feed the pig".

And then this morning, there was a whole ad on "Energy Hogs" encouraging consumers to abandon their energy hogs (Non-programmable thermostats, old appliances, badly insulated attics etc.)

So you need to feed the pig, by getting rid of the energy hog, while not feeding the pig, and then wash your hands to avoid getting Swine/N1H1/Swine flu.

I'll tell you this though... Took the three youngest Koda's to the farm on a preschool field trip a few weeks back, and they had a couple of the cutest little piglets you can imagine. We weren't supposed to, but I grabbed some hay, and we all got to FEED THE PIGGIES!!

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