Monday, November 02, 2009

A Hot Babe Trifecta First

I've decided to make a change in the trifecta again...

Traditionally I've only had it featuring young lasses of the cinematic and theatrical type, but there has been a person hanging around on the outside of my vision who I think needs a chance. It was actually brought home to me by an online interaction earlier today, which any reader who is a also Gator fan might understand.

Anyway folks, let me introduce to you... young Desiree Ficker. Professional Triathlete and 10th place finisher in this past weekends New York Marathon. Even when she's haulin' ass and sweaty, she's still damned hot!!

I haven't cleared this change with Mrs. Koda just yet, but I think Desiree meets the qualifications of being someone who I would never stand even a snowballs chance with, so I'm thinking it will be OK.

If this post shows up missing and Ashley Green makes it back onto the list, you'll know why!


  1. Well folks, I got the eye roll, so I think Desiree may be OK!!!