Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Profound Optimism

Folks, I awoke this morning with a profound sense of optimism about life. So much so that I then spent far too much time in the shower with my mind racing which I thought about all the possibilities available, and was subsequently late for work.

I think the Urban Koda community may be changing a little in the weeks and months to come, along the linesof what I'm thinking...

Stay tuned it's going to be fun!!


  1. I thought you said no more kids!

    Heh heh. Just kidding. Exciting, and can't wait to hear.

  2. I'm afraid it may not be as exciting for you E...

    I was on the Art of Non-Conformity site the day before - courtesy of Ms. Travel Vixen, and just woke up with all kinds of exciting ideas and thoughts for the future. I still can't quite bring them into words, but the optimism continues!