Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Ironically Boring....

A certain someone has apparently complained that my blogs have gotten a wee bit boring of late...

So, let me try and rectify that!

A good friend of mine referred me to a guy by the name of Ed Byrne a month or two back. Ed is a comedian from Ireland. Like all comedians he has a unique approach to life, and you either like it or you don't.

I quite like Ed, so thought I would share...

There is a story that goes along with this as well, but it's not complete yet... So while I wait in suspense for it to end, you can to!



  1. a laugh is the nicest way to end the day. thanks. :)

  2. Really? Who said it was boring? Crikey, that's a bit rough. I thougth peeps wrote blogs for their personal amusement, and if others found their entries amusing, then that's jolly good.

    But if others do not find their entries amusing or entertaining, then ummm, that would be a bit too bad b/c those entries were not written for others in the first place. They were blogged for personal amusement and/or expression. People. Jeeze.


  3. Well - twas a good friend of the family actually, and I appreciated the feedback... I try and keep this blog as kind of a fun place on the web, whereas my others fill personal needs in my life...

    Funnily enough, shortly after posting it, my wife - who originally conveyed the message said...

    "She told me not to tell you" and "She'd be upset if she knew I had"


    Seriously though - I do appreciate the feedback.

  4. Well thank you for introduceing me to Ed :) I love his accent..I must go find taste is not enough...

  5. That was so funny!! I'll have to look Ed up on YouTube and check out more of his stuff.

    I can't believe someone said your blog was boring, what a dick!!!!!! Maybe they only said that to disinterest other people from reading it that may not appreciate it as much as I do. But still, the nerve!

  6. Thanks Emily - really appreciate the support :-)

    As for the nerve of the (as you so eloquently put it) dick...

    I know right!

  7. Just for fun I spread this around to my twitter peeps. It's anything but boring. I quite like it.

  8. Thanks Greg!! Now the pressures on to keep it up...

  9. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it.