Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Business Time

This is kind of a serious one... But first, something not so serious!

Alright, so last weekend, it was my birthday, and in lieu of Church we opted to actually have a spiritual family experience and head up into the mountains to go GeoCaching. It turned out to be a fun afternoon, although GeoCaching with 5 wee kids can be a little on the tiring side.

We found 3 of the 6 caches we tried to find. Of the three we missed, the first was surrounded by muggles (Non-GeoCachers), so we skipped it.

The second was outside a small motel, and after a couple of minutes I realized that poking around outside the windows of a couple of the rooms was going to be hard to explain to the cops.

The third was supposed to be a big one in the middle of an open field. After crossing rivers and muddy pools, I end up in the middle of a thicket, surrounded by cows. I searched high and low for about 10 minutes and then gave up. Good thing too, since I'd left wifey and the kids in the car, and kiddy #3 piped up that she was convinced I had been killed and was never coming back - it got worse from there, until the wife unloaded the whole tribe and came to find me - panicking slightly.

My point to this story was kind of an aside. There seemed to be a running theme at most of the cache sites. At least 2 had deer skeletons close by, and every single one featured some large bird of prey overhead.

At the last, which was the one where I almost died... A pair of Ospreys had a nest atop a power-line. Ospreys mate for life, and I thought it was interesting looking up at the pair sitting next to each other on the pole.

From what I understand, humans are amongst the only creatures which enjoy sex. I'm thinking the horny lab I had as a teen probably enjoyed it too, but other than that, I think animals engage in mating purely to continue the species.

So as I looked up at the pair of birds, I wondered how important physical attraction is in human relationships, and if it's even necessary. Speaking for myself, I've been married over 10 years, and still have trouble keeping my hands off Mrs Koda - we have 5 kids, just in case that statement needs proof!

Anyone have any thoughts?


  1. GeoCatching seems fun. I'd look into it if I wasn't so lazy.

    Luckily for me (like you) I find myself still attracted to my spouse. But I can't imagine she could possibly be attracted to me. So personally I am glad physical attraction isn't absolutely necessary.

  2. Sure it is, it's just that your taste changes as you get older. You're lucky if your taste changes along the same lines as your beloved's looks change.