Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Senator Buttars is Right Though....

Senator Buttars should never have been voted back in as a Utah Legislator. Unfortunately in a state where many consider voting anything other than Republican to be a sin in the eyes of God, people like him get voted back in, purely because people are too ignorant or afraid of voting for someone else.

Last year, Mr. Buttar's referred to a specific bill he didn't like as being a "Black Baby" of a bill, causing a large outcry from the NAACP and more recently he has compared gays to Islamic terrorists and claimed they are the greatest threat to America. [See video below]

He's right, but not in the way you might think...

You see the thing is that the America, Mr. Buttars and people like him have created is one where fear rules. People like Mr. Buttars remain in power because they have convinced the population that they can defend us from evil people, like homosexuals, Muslims and other groups.

Whether or not you consider homosexuality a sin is kind of irrelevant here. The way I see it, people like Mr. Buttars paint groups of people with a very broad brush and then incite hatred and fear towards them. If homosexuality becomes more accepted in our society, those who have previously been afraid of them, and repulsed by their horrible sinful natures may actually learn that they are good people, just like you and me. Just because there may be differences in how we each choose to live our lives, doesn't mean we can't get on together and respect each other.

Yes, America as we know it may come to an end if homosexuals get equal rights, but it would end an era of hatred and bigotry and usher in a new era of respect and cooperation. At least, that's how I see it.


  1. I won't defend Sen. Buttars comments, though he is technically correct in calling homosexuality a "sexual perversion." Religion and individual interpretations of morality aside, it is a perversion in every scientific and linguistic sense.

    That said, I won't defend the ignorance and hostility of his comments. Though I fully support his freedom to speak his mind, stating his position that way was unbecoming of a political representative and he was an idiot to think it wouldn't be leaked. The Senate was right in removing him from the Judiciary Committee.

    The Buttars "scandal" aside, I take issue with the belief popular among liberal-minded Utahns (and disaffected conservatives) that Utahns only vote Republican because they're either brainwashed or afraid.

    I'm certain that's true in some cases, but it's hypocritical to make such a blanket judgment while at the same time criticizing conservatives for making blanket judgments.

    Believe it or not, I tend to vote Democrat on the local level. That's because of my views on development and the environment. So I'm an "issue voter" on the local level. On the state and Federal levels, though, I'm a "philosophy voter." I'm conservative, so even though there may be a few big-mouthed idiots in the Republican party, that party still fits my ideology closer than the Democratic Party does. So I vote to keep Republicans in the State House and Senate because I'm a philosphical conservative.

    In a state where a vast majority of people identify themselves as conservatives, is it really any wonder that the make-up of state government represents that demographic?

    Another thing to think about- for some incomprehensible reason, Utah Republicans have kind of a liberal streak. Examples are overregulation, our tax system, and our tendency to embrace illegal immigration. Is it possible that Utahns who share those more liberal tendencies find that electing like-minded Republicans is good enough?

    Yes, Utah Republicans are socially uber-conservative and fiscally center-right. But they're also populist. So why vote for Democrats and risk getting stuck with the whole liberal package when you can elect Republicans and have the luxury of a la carte liberalism?

    Perhaps us backward Utahns aren't as dumb as the counterculture thinks, eh?

  2. I can't believe this joker is still at it.

  3. First, I definitely wouldn't categorize you as a backwards Utahn. And I believe there are many Utahns all over the political spectrum who carefully consider the issues and vote for what they think is best.

    However would you agree that a significant majority of the LDS population is under the mistaken impression that anything other than a Republican vote is counter to the will of the Church / God?

    Mormons vote Republican because that's what many believe Mormons are supposed to do. And there are plenty of other groups that vote Democrat, because that is what their groups are 'supposed' to do as well.

    One of the smartest men with whom I am privileged to associate daily, was talking about his problems with legislature and all the ethics problems prior to the last election. He agrees with about 95% of what the Democratic candidates are offering. But he can't bring himself to vote Democrat because their party platform is "contrary to the Gospel". When I probed as to how it was contrary, he hummed and hahhed (Is that even a word) and all he could put together was something about Democrats promoting abortion.

    Utahn's in general tend to talk the talk about understanding the issues and voting for the best candidate, but when it comes to walking the talk, they tend to retreat to an unwritten law of what they believe the Church thinks is right and wrong. I'm generalizing, but I firmly believe that a significant majority do actually believe this.

  4. Gatsby - You were referring to Buttars right?

    It's hard to believe that in a state with as large a Republican population as Utah has, they couldn't have found a better candidate. It's like they didn't even try.

    Of course the other theory I've heard is that as long as he's in the spotlight, he makes the rest of the politicians look far more normal - so while they all express dismay and outrage at his comments, I think they like him being there to distract the media from their little shenanigans.

  5. "However would you agree that a significant majority of the LDS population is under the mistaken impression that anything other than a Republican vote is counter to the will of the Church / God?"

    Yes, I would agree with that. The question is why? Is it a matter of nature or nurture? Do they believe this more because their leaders/families have shoved Republicanism down their throats or because they see the Democratic Party espousing principles that they see as contrary to the gospel?

    I'm not sure there's any scientific way to find out. Your perception might be the former (nurture), mine may be the latter (nature).

    For the record, most members in my ward are Democrats and have been for generations, so if this scenario is applicable in my neck of the woods, it is the reverse of what you've experienced.

    I can only speak for myself, but I find that conservative principles square better with the gospel than liberal ones. I'm thinking independence, the freedom to fail, the concept of teaching somebody to fish rather than just giving them one, the belief that God wants us to give to others but he doesn't force us to, etc.

    A big, big one for me is socialism. Many people compare the Law of Consecration with socialism. In practice, it technically is socialism- even Communism. The difference is it's optional. I don't want to live the Law, I don't have to.

    When a government decides to go socialist (which ours is speedily doing under the unchecked leadership of Reid/Pelosi/Obama), I don't get the luxury of opting out. I'm compelled to financially contribute whatever programs the government sees fit to mandate. There is no choice, no freedom.

    Now that's just me. I can't speak for other members. But it's possible that Ezra Taft Benson's preaching against socialism has contributed to the mindset that makes the Dem Party such an anathema within the ranks.

  6. I think you're right, that it's probably a mix of nature / nurture that has led to the predominant Republican leanings of the population. We have 1 open Democrat in our ward, and his house was repeatedly vandalized during the build-up to the last election. From what I have heard the Young Men of the ward were largely responsible, and although I suspect their parents knew about it, the attitude seemed to be one of... They're just kids!!

    Republican or Democrat, I think both lead us down the path of Socialism, just at different speeds and focusing on different aspects of what socialism is.

    Actually, I have some idea's on Socialism that I need to gather and commit to paper, and then get your take on it - but that's probably something for another day.

    So I think bottom line, I think you and I can agree that Buttar's messed this one up. The reasons for him still being in office are the tricky parts of the discussion, and like you said, there probably isn't an definitive way to determine exactly how or why...

    And as always, I should really refrain from sweeping generalizations!

    Thanks for weighing in!