Monday, February 23, 2009

Fair and Balanced Approach

In light of my new desire to try and not sweat things of little or no consequence, I have decided to try a slightly different approach with this blog. In the past few months and years, I've found that my religious and political leanings have changed.

Religiously, I have become less concerned with outward appearances and rigid following of a specific dogma, and politically I gone from being an extreme right wing conservative type to floundering around in the pool of liberalism and left wing thinking (mixed in with some libertarian ideals - it's kind of a mess!)

I had an experience this weekend however that I may share more about as time progresses, but for now, I would just like to introduce a new guest whom I will allow to blog on occasion and hopefully balance out my views.

He has asked that I keep his real identity undisclosed, for reasons which will soon become apparent, and so he shall be writing and appearing as "Mack the Imam".

As soon as I can figure out how to get his login attached, hopefully he can share some of his opinions and ideas. He's not exactly a computer genius, and it's something which I haven't done before, but I'm thinking that between the two of us, we can figure it out.

Ladies and Gentleman! Let me introduce to you our newest blogger and hopefully the catalyst in a new error of fair and balanced opinions... Mack the Imam!


  1. Mullah Mack the Knife! Salam-Alaikum my brother!

  2. And Salam-Alaikum to you to my brother! It is good to be here and I am most grateful to Mr. Koda for allowing me this chance on his blog.

    I am hopeful that in time I may become a voice of reason amidst some of his more liberal and perhaps less religious ways. While I may not be of his former/current religion, I do know something about the need to strict adherence to religious laws and the role that has to place in our society.

  3. Amen on the cake!!

    I'm still not sure what role my buddy Mack will play on the blog. Part of me was a little nervous to have him on, but I think we have a great deal to learn from each other.