Thursday, August 30, 2007

The problem with Black People

Raising your eye-brows are you?

Let me set the scene before I begin this...

I have experienced first hand the evils of the apartheid system in South Africa and I have a deep love for African's no matter where they live.

This morning I heard a discussion on the radio about a group in Atlanta which is trying to pass a law, banning kids from wearing their pants around their mid-thighs with their underwear sticking out.

I'll approach that issue another day, and how the government should keep their noses the hell out of that whole debate, but the part I would like to focus on is that people keep bringing up that it that this is a racial thing...

Here's how I view people of African decent living in the United States...

First a look back at their roots... Snatched from their homeland and transported across the sea in conditions somewhat like being in a tuna can, the ancestors of African Americans have shown themselves to be remarkably tough.

As they were then put to work as slaves on the cotton farms and other places, they went quietly about their work, in my mind showing exceptional dignity, despite difficult circumstances.

Their songs and culture have spawned some of the greatest music in the world.

But now we face a problem... Despite this rich heritage of excellence, the percentage of black men who end up in jail is unacceptable, as are images of gangs, violence and the other problems which this group of people now face.

I believe the problem with this group of people in America, lies not with them, but with those who claim to be trying to help.

First and formost I blame the welfare system - Nothing kills a soul quicker or more effectively that giving a person money, because "they can't help themselves".

Second, slave references and reparations. Despite being able to overcome this great atrocity with dignity, black leaders and apologists continually remind young black people of this, stirring anger within them, and instilling a feeling of entitlement that dovetails with the problem caused by the welfare system.

Third, abortion... I don't know any figures, but I would suspect that abortions have done more damage to this section of the American population than any other cultural group. While we might differ on the opinion of the freedom of women to choose for themselves, the option to abort a pregnancy leaves young black men with minimal need for responsibility, again dovetailing back into the whole welfare mentality.

Racism is wrong in any form. Slavery in any form is unforgivable.

I think though that leaders both black and white who continue to push welfare on African Americans and keep them in a state of reliance on government and expectation of hand outs are about as despicable as the original slave owners.

African American People... You have a tremendous legacy, your culture has survived trememdous hardship. It's time to regain that dignity and work ethic that has made your culture shine, inspite of those hardships. Only you can make the difference...


  1. why do they call themselves african americans??? they are all not from africa. the us would be a better place if they were never shipped them to the us to pick the cotton. the blacks of america have entirely brought down the good culture of the us. i say ship them all back to africa; they like to act like animals...what better place then the jungles of africa!

  2. I agree. And now look what will happen to this country if we get a black president!!

  3. Um.... Did you even read my blog entry?

    While I personally do not agree with Mr. Obama's politics, I think the prospect of a black president will go a long way towards helping the African American / Black members of the US population climb out of the awful position that the welfare system has allowed them to fall into.

    If I could perhaps address a couple of things in your comments...

    I'm not a fan of the hypenated names given to different racial and cultural groups in the US, I believe that I am first and foremost an American, and I beleive everyone else who is a citizen of the US is as well.

    Not capitalizing the initials of the United States - There's a nice showing of respect.

    The original slaves weren't shipped over to help with the cotton, they were captured and enslaved by the white cotton farmers. If anyone is going to be called an animal, I pretty sure it's not those who were unfortunate enough to be ripped away from their homeland.

    Finally, many of the problems of Africa have come from the occupation of various territories down there by various European nations.

    Speaking of occupation and causing problems... Do you honestly think Mr. Obama would do a worse job that the moron currently in office? I shamefully admit I supported him, but he has turned out to be a liar, a war monger, and likely about as ignorant as you appear to be.

    And finally, black people originated from Africa. I don't think it's a bad thing, it just happens to be where their roots are.