Monday, August 13, 2007

The Naked Priest

Today's entry will be both funny and serious, the latter part probably not really meant for a younger audience.

I heard a story on the news this morning about a priest who was caught taking a naked jog by police, somewhere in Colorado. Now bear in mind that this is coming to you 3rd or 4th hand, but from what I understand, the situation is this:

The priest was observed by Police walking home at 4:30am, wearing nothing. He told police that he had been jogging at the local high school track. Apparently he is a rather heavy man, and to help with a problem of profuse sweating when he runs, he opts to do it 'au-natural'.

Now, I could do with losing a few pounds, and to achieve that I have recently taken up various types of exercise, including running down at the local track. I'd be lying if I said I didn't find clothes a hinderance, but I personally think that I do the world a favor by not exposing my lily white skin to them, despite that fact that I too, generally run in the dark.

This is where the story takes a more serious turn. Apparently the police have charged him with a crime, and if convicted, he will be required to register as a sex-offender. Personally as long as this man has a clean past, I'm not sure why he should be lumped in with a bottom feeding scum bags who are listed on the sex-offender registry. Actually, I think this is the kind of guy that I wouldn't mind living next to me, if not just for the great conversation starter it would be at work and parties.

I have a few problems with the sex-offender registry...

1 - Statutory Rape... I used to be 16 or 17, albeit a while ago. From what I recall, my mind revolved around 1 thing most of the time. Add to that the attitudes of girls these days, and I'm not sure if a 16 year old who ends up sleeping with a 15 year old should be added to the sex-offender registry. Back in the old days, the fact that her dad owned a shot-gun (or in my case, an AK-47) was enough to make me re-think trying anything with his daughter.

2 - Kind of in line with #1, there is a guy who lives a block away from me who is listed as a registered sex-offender. His neighbors spoke to him about it, and he told them it was for statutory rape when he was a stupid teenager. So the neighbors relaxed and have no problem letting their kids play over at his house. Now I, being a little more cynical decided to investigate him a little more. This scum bag was convicted of first degree felony attempted rape of a child. So rather than being a dumb teenager this guy tried to rape a kid under the age of 10, and based on the conviction date, I would guess he was in his mid 20's. So not only should the statutory rape cases not be on the list, but scum bags like this then use that as a reason to explain while they are on the list.

3 - Last year, another scum bag from the neighborhood shared a bunch of sick activities he had done with me. I was disturbed (more so than normal) for a few weeks over it, but I am glad he told me. Based on his actions, he is following nicely in the beginning footsteps of most pedophiles out there. We used to be friends, although I use that term loosely since he is little more than a self-centered prick - but that is neither here nor there. Anyway since he shared that with me, and his kid drew a picture in Sunday School, that makes me think his might have witnessed some of his fathers escapades. Anyway, since that my wife and I have decided that neither he, nor his kids will have any contact with our kids - just to be safe.

This final case raises the final problem I see with sex offender registries... This guy confessed to an ecclesiastical leader, and so feels absolved of his crimes (at least this time around - apparently this is time number 3 or 4 through the "repentance" process) and no report was ever made to the police or anything. There are no doubt countless more scum bags like this who never get caught and so are never on the registry. Add to that the fact that offenders themselves are required to keep their information current, and I'm thinking that there is very limited value to the sex offender registry at all.

As a conclusion to the story I found out yesterday that scumbag #3 was assigned by religeous leaders to visit my family on a monthly basis to check on our welfare. Let's just say that assignment was removed very quickly after I found out about it. I'm all for forgiveness and stuff, but that doesn't mean that God expects me not to use my brain is keeping my kids safe.

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