Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Guest Blogger

I read a comment on the community pages behind KSL TV in Salt Lake City today, and wanted to invite the author on as a guest blogger. Unfortunately with no way to contact him, I think I'll post his comments here, and offer him full credit.

The author of the comments below is Pootananga. It was written in response to an article on a 70% increase to property taxes in a local city.

If anyone knows Poot, please thank him/her!

Here is the more important consideration...

When our nation was founded there are two perfectly clear "principles of freedom" that existed troughout all the founder's writings. They are:

1. Government shall not control private property.
2. Government shall not control the means of production.

All this discussion about "how much" property tax is appropriate is simply stunning to me. Amazing that Americans would tolerate government owning their private homes at all, their "untouchable" sanctuaries.
Every time property tax comes up I simply cringe to hear you "Americans" willingly lay down your homes at the feet of government as if the American revolution never even took place.
Untouchable private property was the SOLE reason most immigrants came to America for the first hundred+ years of our growth as a nation. The Italians, Irish, Germans ALL came to America where a person could own land unfettered by government. Uncontrolled by powers similar to the land Barrons of Ireland and kings Europe.
Property tax means that none of you will EVER own your home. EVER!
Pay off the mortgage. You will still loose your home if you don't pay the (rent) taxes. This means that you have sold the American birthright to government.

The stunning ignorance of modern Americans who know so little of why their nation was established and what originally made it the greatest nation on earth.
What we SHOULD hear on these boards is an outcry against ANY property taxes. A demand that government NOT own our homes and private property. A proud rebellion against government control of the most sacred part of being American, one that our forefathers would be proud of.
America is now little different from the former Soviet Union in that government controls both private property and the means of production and can and DOES take it away at any time on a whim. How have we lost our spirit of being free from government's control of this most sacred element?
I think that the early settlers who came here would be ashamed at what Americans have given up in the freedoms they struggled and sacrificed for.
I say end all property taxes. When a person owns their home, that should be the end of it. It should be untouchable.
Enjoy paying RENT to government for the rest of your lives everyone! Suckers!

Thanks Poot!


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