Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Out to get me...

I was headed home last week from work, and got to a red light. I edged forward a little bit, so I could see if I could turn right, all the while rolling forward a little.

As I'm looking up at the light, the pedestrian light for those crossing in front of me, and so some people start to cross. Noticing this, and realizing that I don't want to hit them, I hit the brakes and jolt to a stop. One of the people crosses, then stops and glares at me with a "How dare you try and kill me look"

I thought about it as I drove home that day and pretty much every day since. I'm not sure how we get it, but I think most people have this feeling that everyone else on the roads is out to get us. Hence the 1 finger salute when someone cuts you off, road rage in general and just a general lack of courtesy.

I've been trying something. I've been driving as though I am amongst a group of friends... If someone needs to change lanes I let them in, if someone cuts me off, there's a good chance they didn't see me.

Interestingly enough, my driving experience has improved dramatically, and those around me have become far more friendly to drive with.

Of course there was one guy who pulled out right in front on me last week, causing me to have to brake so hard my wheels locked up. He didn't even stop at the stop sign, just came right on through. I didn't honk, didn't do anything, I actually felt pretty good.

Of course that feeling got a whole lot better when the cop, who happend to be driving behind me at the time, passed by with light going and nailed him!!!

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