Monday, August 20, 2007

Pizza Hut Review

We decided to try out America's Favorite Pizza last weekend... Typically we just get it from Little Ceasar's, but I was in the mood for something other than cheese and tomato paste on some cardboard.

Here's how it went:

We tried to online order process - pretty slick, except if you try and add a coupon at the end... The coupon will only work with items added onto the coupon itself, and not items already added.

We got the order placed just before 2:30pm

I went up to the store at 2:45pm, when the website said it would be ready.

It wasn't ready, and I'm not sure if the cashier was ready to be at work either. Perhaps her cat had been hit by a car, and that was why she seemed indifferent to my being there...

2:56pm the pizza's were finally done. Another cashier came to take care of me. She was OK, nothing too grand in the service department though...

She took my credit card into the back of the store to run it... If my identity gets stolen any time soon, Pizza Hut will be getting a call from me...

We finally get the Pizza home, after stopping at Great Harvest Bread - Expensive cookies, but service that was perfect, and the cookies were great!!

We open our 2 pizza's.... Now when I was young, a large pizza was pretty large. These guys measured a little over 12 inches in diameter... I checked the site, and a large is 14 inches... Guess they must have shrunk in the oven...

You would think with Pizza's that size that you would have a good concentration of toppings... My hawaiin had probably 7 pieces of ham and about 12 pieces of pineapple.

Then as I am eating I see Pizza Hut's ad on TV spouting off their 20 minutes or it's free guarantee.

I thought about complaining, but to be honest, unless they offer me a Papa Johns Pizza as a way to make up for it, I don't think anything they could offer would be worth going through that again.

America's Favority Pizza - NOT SO MUCH....


  1. My favorite pizza? Little Ceasars. I love Little Ceasars. I am always dissapointed when I go to the Hut or Dominos or anywhere else.

    And the Great Harvest Cookies? Yumina Yumina! It's been a long time since I had one of those. Thanks for reminding me.

  2. Shop made pizzas? Yuck, no wonder you were disappointed. A person should be in complete control of their own toppings - free yourself from corporate pizza!