Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day

I'm going to come across as a complete ass today, but blogging is all about being honest, right?

Veterans Day fills me with an incredible amount of sadness.

I used to want to join the armed forces. Actually, had it not been for my mission or the requirement by the New Zealand Army that officers enter the Australian Defense Force Academy prior to their 21st Birthday, I may actually have spent some time serving.

I used to think the highest honor would be to die in the line of duty, while defending the freedom of my nation.

Things have changed for me recently.

I feel sad today, because I suspect that many, many lives of young and vibrant men have been lost, fighting not for the cause of freedom, but to further the political and economic objectives of corrupt men.

That likely makes me sound like an ass, and would probably be viewed by those who've served and those who have lost loved ones serving and very disrespectful.

I admire the courage to serve for what is viewed as a good cause. I'm sure all these men and women died fighting for the causes which they truly believed in.

I mourn the loss however for what were likely less honorable motives of their superiors.

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  1. I completely agree with your sentiment and I think you'll find many others who do too. So many lives have been lost in the quest for political or economic domination and I find the waste of life (particularly in Iraq & Afghanistan) absolutely disgusting.

    It is very sad-making to think that a number of those flesh and blood men and women joined up for noble and honourable reasons. And they died for what?