Monday, November 01, 2010

Fantasy Blog, Improv Style

So apparently none of you can relate to my pro-Slutty Halloween post of earlier today... Although I think since the vast majority of my readers are of the female persuasion that may explain why...

You may recall a blog post a week or two back about a crazy new blog idea I had - although it was more of a disjointed series of ideas, with no real conclusion.

Since writing that post however, I've had a couple more thoughts about the idea, and I've gotten some feedback from friends and family.

The one big concern is time, because I don't have too much of it, and I suspect neither do you.

So, here's the idea...

With your help, I want to create a character, and setup a blog for him/her.

I'll put together the initial post about the character, and then resort to either a random number system, or a dice.

However it works, the user name and password will then be sent to one of the people involved. They can either write a new post to advance this character and the story of his/her life, or if they don't have time, simply send it back, and it'll get sent to someone else.

If enough people want to do it, perhaps we could ever come up with a couple of blogs. The original idea was to have a blog for each contributor, but this way we'll have multiple people contributing to one character, and it might make it even more exciting.

And I've rethought the whole literary porn thing, and I guess if that's the way the story goes... So be it! Contributions will be somewhat anonymous, so let the creative juices flow and let's see where it goes.

If you would like to participate, here's what I need from you:

An email address, which I can send the user name and password to when it's your turn. I may change it on occasion just to be safe (From what I'm not sure yet!).

Some idea of what kind of character you would like to see...

Sexual Preference
Educational Background
Possible Names
Possible Living Situations
Physical Description

An email would be best to experiment at kodafit dot com

Or shoot me a note on Facebook or some other way, or if you absolutely have to, leave the info in a comment. I just wouldn't want your email address picked up by a bot, and you getting spammed because of a desire to participate in a project like this. You could always just delete it after you post it, but be aware that anyone who has subscribed to the comments may see it anyway.

Alright, just to put my idea's into the mix.

I'd kind of like a blog about a young girl, probably early to mid twenties.
Brown hair, green eyes and I'm liking the name Piper, but that's just because I have a thing for the girl on Covert Affairs!
She likes guys, although I'm not opposed to her experimenting at times if that happens.
She's a recent college grad - maybe in anthropology, and she's working in a major downtown area - maybe Chicago. She's got a new apartment, and is new in town.
I have some other ideas too, but perhaps I could save those for the blog.

I'm thinking a group of 5 to 6 people would be optimal, and like I said, maybe if we get some more, we could set up a couple of characters.

I have this bright idea to have it manage itself online... So you'd just log into an application on a website, and check in with the user name and password you used, and then it would automatically figure out the next person and email them... That way it would stay anonymous to me as well - and make it more fun - but I have lots of ideas like that, which I never follow up on.


  1. I wish that I had the time to participate in such heady stuff... Sadly I do not, but I'll enjoy the end result of such collective creativity.

  2. I would love to read it. But I am no writer.

  3. Talk about balance! As it stands now, we have 2 readers and 2 contributors... Maybe we'll give it a few more days.

  4. I'm interested to see how this works. It seems complicated. Several people writing about one character, correct? Is what you are envisioning something like the campfire game where someone starts telling a story and then it gets passed from person to person around the circle?

  5. Marianne - exactly! Except to the outside world, we'd be a single, real person.

    I'm interested in the creative side of the project, but also in seeing the response of others to it - I guess depending on where it leads!

  6. The resulting persona could end up coming across as having a multiple personality disorder. I want to try my hand at it. I'm assuming that these posts wouldn't need to be all that lengthy all of the time. After all, it's a blog right? Some times blog posts are short.