Monday, November 29, 2010


It wasn't a bad Thanksgiving - although we ended up bringing home about half of the 30lbs of mashed potatoes which we were assigned to bring to Mrs. Koda's family feast.

Black Friday ended up being somewhat of a blur. Walmart at Midnight, sleep from 3:30 till 6, Kohls, Target and Lowes, then helping a friend move from 9 till about 11, then back to Kohls and Target again, and finally Buy Direct and then home.

If we learned one thing... Black Friday is far better spent in Cyber Space. I realized this, when... Having missed all the really good deals at Walmart, and still finding ourselves standing in a 2 hour line to check out with a couple of pairs of PJ's... I logged into, and purchased all the stuff we missed!

Today begins a new week though...

I feel energized! Woke up at 4:15 this morning, and was dressed and ready to go by 5. Got my driveway and sidewalks shoveled and salted, down a delicious cup of hot joe, and was at the Park and Ride well before my commute buddy, ready to enjoy the treacherous trip into Salt Lake.

Tonight brings with it a little vinyl work (My order of reflective vinyl came in on Friday!!) and then Movie Night Monday...

Tonight, I believe dinner will consist of Sandwiches and the entertainment will be provided by Will Ferrell!

Since all the other clips have embedding disabled... Especially the one with...

"He's an angry elf!"


  1. are the bargains really so good it's worth being up at that hour? I can't imagine!

  2. I think I can state for both Mrs Koda and myself... Absolutely not!

    It's an experience you only really need to have once. I worked it one year, and I've kind of done it on a couple of others. Hopefully not again next year.

    I should probably blog about 1 nephews experience, but his response after witnessing the rush on some budget DVD's was...

    I was just embarrassed to be an American...

  3. I feel like I haven't been here in weeks! WTF! Sorry.

    Black Friday frightens me. Last year wasn't there a woman trampled to death? And I cannot believe you stood in line for 2 hours for some pj's! Please don't do it again.