Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Guide for Morons

I think I may have a few moron readers, and I thought by way of assistance on this election day, I might share a few pieces of advice.

  1. The US Economy tanked in 2008. It tanked under George Bush's watch. It tanked because corporate crooks used loopholes created by deregulation to defraud the American People. That would be you! Bush authorized the big bank bail outs, and the source of your financial woes was his Republican Administration.

    I've heard one of the talking heads on the radio mention how "Nothing works in this country since Obama took power..." The reason is that Bush broke it. Not Obama!

  2. Gay Marriage isn't all about sex. Homosexuality isn't all about sex. While I don't have the reference on hand to back this statement up, one magazine I read, reported a study which found that a higher percentage of heterosexual couple engage in anal sex, than homosexual couples.

    Gay marriage isn't any more about sex that your marriage is. Your marriage is more about companionship and love. Sex is simply one way of showing affection for you companion. So when you vote on issues about Gay Marriage and Gay Rights, don't think forbidden sexual acts which you may or may not want to try yourself, simply think about love and freedom. The love and freedom you have the right the legal right to pursue.

I'm sure I could come up with other tips, but those are the big ones on my mind today.

I'm voting mostly democrat, although for my county Attorney, I'm voting Libertarian. In cases where the only candidate is a Republican, I'm going to try and write something in. Either Ficus, or perhaps even my own name.

There are a few races where I have to pic the lesser of two evils. The Republican guy in one race actually seemed kind of decent and until he started spouting forth the economic benefits of Ronald Reagans approach... Unfortunately the sharp increase in National Debt during the preceding 2 occasions when that approach has been tried would seem to indicate that it is in fact a BAD IDEA!!


  1. The problems with the economy are not limited to issues that can be simply categorized as Republican or Democrat. Unfortunately, the problems stem from the basic belief that we can spend our way out of recessions. Keynesian policy is the root of our problem, not who happens to occupy the white house and the party they represent. The fact is Bush started to embrace the policy (at the urging of the federal reserve) and it has only continued under Obama. Both are guilty of the same thing.

  2. I would agree... My big problem is the flawed notion that somehow the Obama administration caused the current financial crisis, and that a return to the policies of Bush would resolve it.

    While both may be guilty, I personally think that the Obama administration is slightly less so, but that is based purely on an observation of the outcome of policies and not as the result of any knowledgeable economic analysis!