Sunday, September 12, 2010

Serious Balls

So I did a relay race in Southern Utah this past weekend. Much running was done, much driving took place, and there was minimal sleep. Needless to say, I am not walking with much grace today, and have spent my time thinking up creative excuses to avoid the usage of any stairs.

Down at the relay however, one team came dressed as figure skaters. Their costumes were excellent, and even better was the fact that they actually ran in them as well. In my mind that took some serious balls, and I tip my hat to the entire team.

You know what takes some serious balls as well...

A 50+ year old man comes to our door today... I waddle over with difficulty to see what he would like. He has kind of been the one teaching my 6 year old daughter for the past year or so, and I guess today at Church, they made it official. He seemed like a nice guy.

He stopped by to ask my permission for him to come and visit my daughter. On the weeks when she doesn't come to church, he wanted my permission (He mentioned wanting my permission like 5 times in the brief conversation), to stop by and give her a 10 to 15 minute lesson, one on one, with her.

In a Church where the history, albeit it hidden, contains 'prophets' marrying and screwing 14 year old girls... You want my permission, for you... A 50+ year old man, to come and visit my 6 year old daughter?!?

I'm constantly amazed - although I shouldn't be - in the way which apparently reasonable people, can completely dismiss any semblance of the idea of appropriate behavior, under the guise of 'Religious Duty'.

And yet at the same time, when I compare Mormons to the 9/11 hijackers, people get upset with me...

Sure, they don't exactly want to hijack planes and fly them into buildings, but an inappropriate relationship and interactions with my 6 year old?!? You've got to have some serious balls to even think about asking that. Do you know what you also have? Well, you sure as hell don't have my permission to interact with her, and she will not be attending your class ever again.


  1. Well... it's probably just something like this. I would give him the benefit of the doubt -- but not so far as to let him near my daughter lol.

  2. LOL!! I suspect you're right. It just seems a little creepy.