Monday, September 27, 2010

New Beginnings

Crazy last couple of days...

It started on Wednesday night, when kid #4 got the pukes. I had a job interview on Thursday morning, which had me worried, so it wasn't like I was going to sleep much anyway.

The interview seemed to go well... Hopefully I'll find out just how well later this week. The interesting thing is that when I spoke to my current manager about it, he indicated that he might be able to leverage the possibility of my leaving to get me a pay increase.

I appreciated the gesture, but at the same time, it's sad that it takes a threat of me leaving to do something like that.

So, if an offer gets made (PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!), then I get to see if there is a counter offer at my current position, and then weigh the options.

The nice thing is that my boss seems to be a little extra friendly right now... Wondering if I should try and capitalize on it... I mean he's always been very accommodating, and there really isn't a reason to leave, other than the fact that we're just not making it right now. Well, that and I feel like my career is stagnating, but I think I can work with that - just need to take some initiative.

The remainder of my weekend went something like this.

Friday was relaxing. Nice to have all my vinyl projects done.

Friday night I grabbed my race packet and then took the family to Chick-Fil-A.

Kid #4 decided to puke in the restaurant though.

Kid #5 then got sick, and spent the night puking.

I raced a half marathon on Saturday morning, and completely slaughtered my previous best time for the distance.

I think with the solid training base I have, perhaps now training is more advantageous for recovery.

I got a touch of what the kids had on Saturday evening and the rest of my weekend was pretty miserable. And I still can't walk.

During the race - actually all the preceding week, my cell phone has been iffy. I got done, and tried to call Mrs. Koda, but it was acting up more than normal, and so I tried to reset it.

It's a virtually indestructible phone. Water-proof, shock-proof, dust-proof and all of that... I think the static from a shopping cart at Walmart destroyed it though.

I haven't been able to get it to turn on since.

So yesterday I went and got a new phone. It's a smart phone with internet access.

It cost a little more than my current phone, and we really don't have the money, but...

I'm hoping it will make me more productive, and hopefully from that increased productivity, I can generate more income.

It's the beginning of a new week, and I feel like it's the beginning of a new segment of my life as well... Not just the phone, but just a whole bunch of things.

I greet the new stuff with open arms and a whole bunch of confidence.

In other news, I saw these guys perform a year or so back. It has nothing to do with the above post, but I liked the song especially!


  1. is the new (possible) job church related too?

  2. Hell No!! Have haven't had a religiously centric job for almost 4 years now ;-)

    Without letting too many cats out of the bag, my employer is actually quite similar to yours I believe.

    The new position is with the same employer, but in a different section of the company - although even that is fraught with blurry lines and dotted reporting relationships.

  3. Something about this time of year makes us restless, I think. Summer is ending (or should be) and thank God for it because the end of summer just feels stale for me. I look forward to cool breezes and light showers to clear out my mental and literal cobwebs.

  4. Good luck! I hope it all works out in your favor, one way or another:)

  5. Ooooo a sekrit Guvamint Department - woot!

  6. MsRantyPants - Could be, I'm not sure what my problem is. Money is definitely a motivator, but there is something else too. I've got itchy feet with more parts of my life than just my job. Perhaps it is the season...

    TGIAA & TGW - Thanks! Not looking too optimistic right now, but the market does seem to be picking up slightly, and as an added bonus, my boss - who is usually nice anyway - has been super nice lately.

    Ms. Mouse... That makes it sounds soooo much more exciting than it actually is!

  7. Best of luck. And break their legs ... no, wait, that's not it...