Thursday, September 30, 2010

Getting Connected to Break Free

Folks, before I begin...

My next blog post will be #500 for this blog. That's a lot of writing, and with it has come a lot of new friends, memories and other good stuff.

I'm trying to think of a way to celebrate, so if anyone has any suggestions...

I'm toying with the idea of doing a meetup for any readers who might live in Northern Utah, and blogging about it. What do you think? Perhaps we could even Skype people in for it or something.

I think perhaps a cake might be in order...

Mrs. Koda may not go for the meetup, but if I can get a banana nut cake from her favorite bakery, with the cream cheese frosting, perhaps she'll go for it...

Anyway, I have another request for suggestions as well, but first the story behind it.

My phone died last weekend. It was rather sad. It's been a good phone, lasted over 2 years, and has ridden with me on a number of training rides and runs, including a marathon and a half ironman. I think an super statically charged cart at Walmart did it in, and despite it's rugged exterior, the software just couldn't handle it.

I think in many ways, I may be like my phone... Rugged on the outside, but you get the right issue, and charge it up, and I can be broken pretty easily.

Anyway, so after a couple of attempts by me, and the Verizon folks to recover the phone, I ended up having to upgrade.

So, Sunday afternoon, me and the Mrs headed to the Verizon store, and picked out our new phones. I was going to wait till I had the new job, before I got a smart phone, but I thought I'd exercise faith and get it anyway... At this time, I suspect that I might not have the job... Uh oh! But at least the vinyl business is going well!

Anyway, so I have a new Galaxy S by Samsung, and it is... SWEEEEEEEEET!

I was worried that with another connection tying me to the world, I'd become more of an introverted tech geek, but quite the opposite has happened. I'm feeling less attached to my computer, and free to spend more time with the fam. And at the same time, I can get email quicker, and respond quicker to my clients.

The only downside has been a couple of the apps. I started playing Jewel, and then yesterday I downloaded a fishing game. Both have taken up far more of my time than they should, but the good news is that I'm slowly losing interest in them.

My boss has the same phone. I've mentioned him before. He's a great guy, but unfortunately his Mormoness has caused him to be raging homophobe, and somewhat of a blind Republican type person. That aside though, I like the guy.

Unfortunately he doesn't know about my departure from Mormonism...

I though about telling him, but read somewhere that especially at work, stuff like that should be kept quiet. So I just ignore his anti-Obama emails, the Church references and all of that.

We car pool together as well, which saves money, and the environment, but raises the odd uncomfortable situation. Well, for me at least.

So we're driving home this week, and he starts suggesting apps for my phone. They're all the scripture, sunday school and other lesson type stuff apps, and he apparently LOOOOVES them.

Perhaps it was telling that I didn't immediately start trying to download them.

Anyway, since I'm not going to get those, does anyone have any other great suggestions for apps?

I used Google's Star Map at 5:30 this morning, and identified Sirius for the first time in my life. I also saw Andromeda - not sure if it's a nebula or a galaxy or if those are the same or different things.

I also discovered that my star sign does not appear to be visible in the light polluted skies above Davis County.

Oh - and since I don't want to waste post #500 on an invite to a meetup, if I do one... Shoot me an email, leave a comment, hookup with me on facebook, or send a carrier pigeon if you want in on the celebration - assuming I do something.


  1. I would so come to a meet up of readers if I were in the area....I could be in the area, depending on when the meet up, but it probably isn't practical. Oh well. :)

  2. Well Heretic... If it happens it'll likely be Sunday up in Davis County...

    If it happens... because it was just an idea that came to me as I started writing the post and I haven't even approached Mrs Koda with the idea!

    I'll email you if we pull something together though - Unless of course you're worried about missing conference...


  3. I would love to do a meet up, I just wish I lived closer;) LOL! Tell me what bakery to get Mrs Koda’s cake from and I’ll pick that up too (even if you decide not to do a meet up I could still pick up the cake and surprise her one day)!

  4. Theology and politics in work emails...growl...

    Congrats on approaching 500. I may be working in SLC Sunday night, maybe I'll come up a little early and finally meet you? North-Clearfield or South-Bountiful? Which part of Davis county?

  5. I got you on the Facebook. I guess I could skype in, unless you just happen to plan the event when I'm out visiting the folks in Utah.

  6. Well TGD... Are you planning on coming out for conference?

    OK Folks, here's the deal...

    Sunday afternoon, at the Koda household. Which is in Northern Davis county.

    The cake is from a bakery in Bountiful, and I'll go ahead and place the order for it tomorrow - Mrs Koda is most excited!!

    If you want to come, let me know, and TGD, in case you can't make it, let me see if I can get skype figured out. I downloaded it some time ago, but I'm not sure if I've ever actually connected to anyone on it.

    So... Time and Location to be advised!

  7. One day I'll hold a meetup down under Mouse! I think you and E may be my longest readers!

    For everyone else... Except TGD...

    I've sent emails with more details.

    TGD - I suspect you'll be places other than Utah, but give me a holler if I'm wrong... Be great to meet you in person.

  8. Don't worry about the skype. This weekend is bad anyway.

    I'm probably not going to make it out to Utah, or for that matter, anywhere out west for awhile. If and when I do, I'll announce it on Facebook.