Thursday, May 27, 2010


First of all... Did I cross a line with my post yesterday?

There we were, Mrs Koda and I, both hammering away on laptops, and I turned to her and showed her the post, just prior to publishing. It's something we were joking about for most of yesterday. We tend to do that a lot... Anyway, she read it, gave me the look and kind of snickered. I said something like, "Dare me to publish it?" To which she gave me a slightly different look, with which I clicked the mouse!

So anyway, I could fill a rather large book about with interesting observations about sexuality and the Mormon culture... And actually some friends of mine put together a really interesting podcast on the subject a couple of weeks ago.

Speaking of podcasts... I listened to another one of theirs yesterday, the topic of which was a national media celebrity, who happens to be Mormon and things surrounding those two aspects of his life. I thought about posting more about it, since they did ask some very interesting things, like wondering if the leaders of the LDS Church might be placed in an precarious position if this person continues with the stuff he's been saying about receiving messages from God and what not.

If you don't know who I mean, then it's probably safe to say that you likely don't care. And if you do know who it is, I suspect you really don't care either.

I'm starting not to care as well, although I did find the interview did validate a lot of my thoughts and suspicions about the man. I've seen his effect on people around me, but I'm not sure the effect is entirely his fault, it seems more that some of his outrageous ideas have simply found fertile ground on which to sprout, and if it wasn't his garbage, they'd probably latch onto something else... Kind of sad really.

Question number 2 was whether anyone actually cared or wanted to hear about it, but the more I think about it, I'm not sure I even want to waste my time with him anyway.


  1. :D well it made me laugh & Mr Brown express sympathies :D

  2. Well, that was the intent!!

    And thanks to Mr. Brown - obviously a brother in arms :-)

  3. Sadly I missed said post and it seems you deleted it? Darn it! I love a good dose of controversy.

  4. Nope, it's still here - it's the awkward topics one, about my MoJo, or lack there of...

    I suspect you'll be just fine with it though - sorry to disappoint...

  5. Oh that? Jeez. Well that was very subtle. And I think that, since this is YOUR blog, you get to decide where the line is and therefore only you can determine if you crossed it ;o)