Monday, May 10, 2010

Driving at Night and Reflections

I love being out at night, but I'm not sure exactly why... Everything just seems so peaceful and tranquil, and during the summer, it's the time of the day when it's nice and cool too.

I was listening to a song on YouTube this morning, and it took me back to a time almost 2 decades ago, when I would drive home from work late at night. It didn't happen often, since usually I worked the morning shift, and I would bike into work, but occasionally I worked late and I would take my dads care.

I had the Pearl Jam, Vitology tape, and as I left work, I'd put it in. Before I even drove, I'd queue it up to play nothing man, and then I'd turn it off. Leaving work, there were two traffic circles, and then the road dropped down to follow a winding river. The speed limit was probably a little high for a narrow winding road like that, but all that meant was that I could enjoy the drive without breaking the law.

As I would start down the road, I'd open the windows, turn on the stereo and crank it up. It's an interesting feeling, merging speed with the solitude of night, and then haunting sound of Eddie's voice.

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