Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I've been had by Eminem

Folks, if you follow my other blog, you'll know that this weekend was all about a mega tooth-ache. I got some Lortab and anti-biotics on Saturday, and when they still weren't helping on Sunday, I doubled them up, and then added 800mg of Ibuprofen for good measure. Which eventually did the trick.

Monday I saw the dentist, and yesterday I went to the Endodontist for a root canal. It was tooth #3, which means it was the 2nd one from the back on the top right hand side. Apparently my wisdom tooth, had it been present would have taken the #1 slot.

Anyway, I'll share my experiences with Lidocaine another time, but basically, despite a second very thorough numbing session by the endodontist, it came un-numb shortly before he finished up. I could have asked him to numb it again, but I'm not a fan of the un-numbing process, so I dealt with a little pain.

He got done - and if I may add... Ladies, if you're looking for an Endodontist in Utah, this guy is young, good looking and kind of a stud - plus he treats his staff really well, which always scores point in my book.

Anyway, he gets done, and it was feeling uncomfortable. He asked if I needed drugs, and when I said yes, he asked about my reactions to Lortab and that kind of thing. I told him that generally Lortab doesn't affect me much and that I usually have to take 2 before it kicks in. He then offered to write me a prescription for Vicodin.

Vicodin... Eminem sings about Vicodin a lot. I hear it's pretty good.

I'll share my experience getting it filled later - since it's a very long and painful tale about Walmart - but a little over an hour later, I arrived home, took the prescribed 800mg of Ibuprofen (It cuts down swelling) and then lay around for a couple of hours in agony. It had finally eased up by 8pm, and so I headed off to the gym and had a very nice weight session, which has been about 6 months in coming.

This morning I awoke and while feeling a little stiff from the weights, the rest of me felt fine. I went downstairs, and decided I probably wouldn't need the Vicodin, so I put it up, away from kiddy's. It was then that I noticed the writing on the bottle.

I didn't actually use Lortab over the weekend, it was actually the generic equivalent... Hydrocodone with Acetaminophen. And there were some 5's and a 500 too I think.

I looked at the Vicodin bottle. It was a generic substitution... And it turns out that it's the same stuff as Lortab...

So if it's the same stuff as Lortab, and Lortab doesn't affect me much, I'm thinking either Eminem is just a big pussy, or perhaps I'm just not doing it right.

Not that I condone the usage of narcotics for recreational purposes, or the mixing of narcotics to get a better buzz.


  1. Yeah, there's several formulations of hydrocodone/acetaminophen... Vicodin, Lortab, Anexsia... I'm not a fan. They don't get rid of the pain, and I just end up puking. Also, when you work in a pharmacy, you end up with a very cynical view of painkillers.

    Dental pain is the worst. Feel better soon!

  2. Thanks Eliza, I'm actually feeling great right now, and I haven't taken anything all day!!