Monday, August 24, 2009

Too busy

I've been pretty busy of late, so busy in fact that I don't think I've actually watched TV in over 2 weeks.

Fortunately TJ Shelby obviously has - Check out his blog on the right hand side! I found this gem from the Daily Show over on his blog this morning.

I'm not going to offer comment at this point, other than to point out that there is nothing worse than a hypocrite.


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  2. Sorry, I deleted my other post and recreated it with clickable links (hope they work). I learn something new every day!

    I was talking with my mom yesterday and mentioned how funny that clip was. She said that the clip was totally unfair and that O'Reilly showed the clip in content (check it out here ). What's REALLY funny is that when I was looking up that clip today I came across this -- 99 other times that he called people who had a differing political opinion "loons".

    Too busy to watch The Daily Show? That bites, but they're on vacation for the next three weeks so you can catch up on hulu :)

  3. I was about to ask... Coz the prior post didn't seem all that bad!!

    Going to have to check those out - although I should probably wait until I get home... A little too much YouTube and Hulu at work today already!

  4. I've always thought it funny when Fox news does a segment about how inappropriate something in the media was, they show it like 50 times. I think there was a Nintendo commercial that had a woman in her underwear playing the air guitar all over her living room, and Bill O'reilly spent half of his show saying, "This is absolutely tasteless to show this on television when kids might be watching. Here it is if you don't know what commercial we're talking about..."

  5. Kind of reminds me of an incident in EQ many years ago. KSL had decided not to run a particular show due to content, and it was brought up in General Conference, but only in generalities. The message in effect was, "We're glad KSL took the high road and decided not to show an inappropriate show". The fact that the Church owned KSL and would likely have fired the program director had he run the show, is likely a topic for another day.

    Anyway, so moron in EQ the next week stands up and starts saying how impressed he was that the Church didn't give the show any additional publicity and how classy he thought that was. And then added how even if they had shown it, he wouldn't have watched it... and as we all know the show they were talking about was Couplings on the NBC network on Thursday nights at 7:30...

    Freakin' Moron!!!

  6. As I found out a few weeks ago - there's actually a technical term for that: